Pumpkin Head Used To Kill Mature Georgia Whitetail

Caught on Video: Brent Purvis used a dummy hunter to push a 7-year-old buck to the real hunter.

Brad Gill | December 28, 2023

When it comes to killing a mature whitetail, sometimes you have to think outside the box. It certainly worked for Brent Purvis, of Fortson, when he took a 130-class Muscogee County buck during Week 3 of Truck-Buck.

“It’s a hilarious hunt that may end up being a top-5 bow-kill in my county,” said Brent.

The 7-year-old buck was slick. While Brent was hunting him back during bow season, three times in a row, the buck would enter his hunting area from a different direction.

“He gave me no entry pattern, but each time he would look up, see my body in the stand and then ease off into a bottom behind me,” said Brent.

The current plan obviously wasn’t working, so Brent went with the old dummy-in-the-stand method of tricking the eyeballs of the buck.

“I set up a dummy in the stand and then hung a lock-on stand on his exit route hoping he would see the dummy and hit his exit route where I’d be waiting on him,” said Brent.

Brent didn’t just put any dummy in the stand. He gets high marks for creativity.

“I used a pinestraw bail and a fake pumpkin head with a Realtree hat as a decoy to drive him my way,” said Brent.

Could that possibly work?

“It happened exactly as planned! I self-filmed the hunt, and he saw the pinestraw bail and pumpkin head in the stand and turned to exit. I was in there waiting on him, and he presented me with the perfect shot! One of my favorite hunts ever!”

There could be supply-and-demand issues on pumpkins next deer season for those hard-to-kill bucks.

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