Pumpkin Head Buck Spotted In Cobb County

Think you've seen everything when it comes to strange deer? Think again...

Brad Gill | October 2, 2020

We’ve said it a thousand times since GON started in 1987: Weird things happen in the woods.

The latest crazy story that rolled into our [email protected] email box was several photos of a Cobb County buck with what appears to be a pumpkin stuck on its head. GON subscriber Phil Crane, of Powder Springs, was kind enough to send GON the photos on Sept. 21. At the time of this news release, it was unsure if this buck still had the pumpkin on its head.

“I checked the camera again on Monday (Sept. 28), and I had some small bucks, but none that I could identify were him for sure,” said Phil, a GON reader for 30 years.

Phil lives in a Cobb County subdivision that sits on about 3 1/2 acres. He enjoys feeding, watching and photographing the deer. However, when it comes to stockpiling venison in the freezer, he makes the run south to his property in Jones County.

“I’ve called this buck my Royal Buck because he looks like he has a crown on his head,” said Phil.

Based on the photos, Phil does not think the pumpkin on the buck’s rack is real.

“You can see some white streaks in the pumpkin in one of the photos, which leads me to believe it’s a Styrofoam pumpkin,” said Phil. “It looks pretty aged, so I am thinking it washed down the creek after that 6 to 7 inches or rain we had (remnants of Hurricane Sally). I don’t think he would have gone up on someone’s front porch and got it.”

Phil said from some of the photos it appears that only one of the buck’s beams gouged the pumpkin, and he believes when the buck starts to rub trees and begins to spar with other bucks that the pumpkin will come off pretty easily.

Y’all know the deal. When you see weird things, email [email protected].

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