Public-Lands Shine As Big Bucks Roll In

The Truck-Buck Contest is seeing some great bucks entered that were taken on Georgia public land.

GON Staff | November 13, 2020

A high-dollar hunting club or owning a big tract of managed land isn’t required for some great deer hunting in Georgia. There’s plenty of public land where the management is being done by biologists and wildlife technicians, and a look through the big bucks being entered in this year’s Truck-Buck Contest is proof of that.

Here’s a look at some of the bucks killed this season on state Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and federal land like national forests and wildlife refuges.


Clybel WMA 11-pointer For Tom Winn

Tom Winn came down from his mountain home in Young Harris for a three-day camping and hunting trip at Clybel WMA along the Jasper and Newton county line, and he went home with a WMA trophy. His 11-point buck killed on Nov. 5 will rank as one of the WMA’s best ever. Back in 2002, Tom was hunting West Point WMA when he killed a 140-inch buck that’s still No. 4 all-time for that WMA.

Clybel WMA All-Time Buck Rankings

Rank Score Name Year County Method Photo
1 154 2/8 Mike Ciccarello 1998 Jasper Gun
2 135 Ben Stone 2019 Newton Gun View 
3 129 Gary Lanier 2008 Newton Gun
4 124 6/8 Tom Winn 2020 Jasper Gun View 
5 124 3/8 Doug Ciccarello 1999 Jasper Bow
6 121 5/8 Johnny Miller 1997 Jasper Gun
7 118 6/8 Brenda Hall 1999 Jasper Gun
8 118 5/8 Stephen Richards 1995 Jasper Gun
9 118 5/8 Tom Winn 2011 Jasper Gun
10 115 7/8 James Beasley 2020 Jasper Gun View 


Record-Book Bow-Buck From Montezuma Bluffs

Montezuma Bluffs, a 500-acre archery-only WMA in Macon County, produced this 12-point buck for Aaron Yoder.

Traditional Joe Kurz WMA Hunt Pays Off Again

“My buddies and I have hunted Joe Kurz numerous times in the past with great success. We always try to get the first hunt because the pre-rut has always been great for us down there,” said Bryan Fuller, of Newnan. It paid off for Bryan with a nice 8-point buck.

Dooly County 8-point With A Bow From Flint River WMA

Sixteen-year-old Eric Yoder downed this Flint River WMA buck during the first week of archery season on the Dooly County quality-managed WMA.

Flint River WMA All-Time Buck Rankings

Rank Score Name Year County Method Photo
1 177 2/8 (NT) Larry Nickelson 1994 Dooly Bow View 
2 136 7/8 James Plank 2013 Dooly Gun View 
3 134 3/8 Tim Yoder 2009 Dooly Bow View 
4 130 Dev Adams 2007 Dooly Gun View 
5 128 6/8 Derek Yoder 2019 Dooly Bow View 
6 127 3/8 John Clements 2009 Dooly Gun View 
7 126 1/8 Jeff Payne 2008 Dooly Gun View 
8 125 Cody Yoder 2019 Dooly Gun View 
9 124 6/8 Chad Williams 2013 Dooly Gun View 
10 121 2/8 Herman Johnson 2007 Dooly Gun


Oconee National Forest 10-pointer

David Farmer found a spot to deer hunt while chasing turkeys last spring on Oconee National Forest property in Jasper County when he found a line of big rubs—and fresh rubs were back this deer season.

More Public-Land Bucks From the 2020 Georgia Deer Season

B.F. Grant WMA: Angela Thomas Putnam County 10-pointer
Celon WMA: Jesse Newsome’s Camden County 8-point bow-kill
Hart County WMA: Samuel Pruitt’s 8-pointer
Grand Bay WMA: Randy Kemp’s Lowndes County 8-pointer
Mayhaw WMA: Jeffery’s Osgatharp’s Miller County 8-pointer
Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge: Shaune Choudhari’s 7-pointer
Redlands WMA: Christian Ireland’s Greene County 9-pointer 
Redlands WMA: Mike Hall’s Greene County 8-pointer


The highest scoring public-land buck during the season that doesn’t win a Truck-Buck week outright will earn a spot in the Shoot-Out for the grand-prize pickup truck, and the hunter also earns the Wildcard prize package that includes a $250 gift card from Agri Supply, product from Advanced Wildlife Solutions, and a Hunter Safety Systems harness.

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