Plenty Of Deer, Hogs On Texas SEEDS Dream Hunt

Flies and Fletching, Arrowdynamic Solutions and Roland Whitt put on a show for our 2007 SEEDS winners.

Brad Gill | March 1, 2009

Matthew Price zapped this south Texas pig on his dream hunt. Matthew was the grand-prize winner in the 2007 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest and killed two hogs, two spikes and two does.

SEEDS Runner-up David Roney shot this non-typical spike. On his trip, he killed one spike, two does and one hog.

The 2007 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest winners, Matthew Price, of Ellabell, and David Roney, of Vienna, went archery hunting in Texas in December to collect their grand prizes in last year’s big-buck contest.

Matthew’s south Texas deer and hog hunt took place the first week of December, and he killed two spikes, two does and two hogs. David, who hunted the second week of December, arrowed two does, one spike and one hog.

Both kids hunted with crossbows and had the opportunity to harvest a trophy buck. David saw a giant Texas buck one afternoon, but it was well out of crossbow range. There was plenty of game to see on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The pair of dream hunts were made possible thanks to Flies and Fletching, Arrowdynamic Solutions and country singer Roland Whitt. Additional product was given to our winners by Costa Del Mar, Hillbilly Brand, Bohning Archery and Bow-Tech.

“It was nonstop hunting,” said Todd Fox with Flies and Fletching. “They hunted the day of arrival and the day of departure. We took both of them to the airport in their camo. They had a blast. It was a lot of fun. I have two little ones of my own, and to see them in that light one day will be a great thing. You can’t do enough for kids these days; there’s too many bad distractions out there.”

If you’ve got a deer entered in the 2008 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest, make plans to have it scored. These same sponsors are providing a big-game hunt in Wyoming for one winner. See page 95 for details on this year’s Wyoming hunt dates and information on getting your rack scored.

Here are three guys who made the two SEEDS dream trips possible: (from left) Todd Fox of Flies and Fletching, Matt Futtere of Arrow Dynamic Solutions and Chris Albrecht of Flies and Fletching (far right). They stand with David Roney.

Country-music singer Roland Whitt also sponsored the hunt.

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