New Washington County Bow Record

Brad Gill | September 26, 2019


Thomas Pulliam, of Sandersville, has the new No. 1 bow buck ever taken from Washington County. His 10-pointer was arrowed Dec. 8, 2018 and netted 148 1/8 inches.

We’re not sure exactly how it happened, but Thomas’ new county record was left out of GON’s Bow-Buck County Rankings and Georgia’s Best Bow Bucks lists in the September issue. 

We’re sorry about that, Thomas, but we sure do appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We offer no excuses for missing you. However when we’re dealing with a large number of deer and scores, we’re human, and we’re just simply going to make some mistakes. We rely on kind folks like yourself to let us know. Congrats, and enjoy those Washington County bragging rights.

Washington County Top Bow-Bucks

1148 1/8 Thomas Pulliam2018WashingtonBowView 
2144 3/8 Ben Veihman2022WashingtonBowView 
3141 2/8 Stephen Everett2016WashingtonBowView 
4139 4/8 Richey Burge2015WashingtonBowView 
5135 4/8 Richey Burge2022WashingtonBowView 
6135 2/8 Brayden Pittman2021WashingtonBowView 
7132 3/8 Kyle Brooks2016WashingtonBow
8131 Richey Burge2019WashingtonBowView 
9128 2/8 Freddy Hall2011WashingtonBow
10127 6/8 Caleb Lord2020WashingtonBowView 

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