New Record Bow-Buck For Twiggs County

Check out the amazing beam and tine length on Jody Chance's main-frame 8-pointer, a 160-inch stunner.

Daryl Kirby | January 15, 2021

As bucks from this past Georgia deer season are measured by official scorers, the Georgia Deer Records are seeing quite a few noteworthy new listings, including a new all-time bowhunting record buck from Twiggs County.

Jody Chance, of Danville, arrowed a monster 9-point buck—a main-frame 8-pointer with a 2 3/8-inch sticker—that tallied 160 6/8 total inches and netted 148 1/8. Jody said his hunt for this buck began when he got a trail-camera picture on Oct. 19. Then he hunted the buck every day until it came together the morning of Oct. 31.

Jody Chance with his Twiggs County 9-point buck that netted 148 1/8 to set a new county bowhunting record. The main-frame 8-pointer had 160 6/8 total inches.

Jody said he leases several tracts of land, some larger tracts and also several smaller tracts, including a 100-acre tract that he hadn’t hunted for quite a while. That’s where the buck showed up.

“I killed him 2.7 miles from another block of land my buddy hunts,” Jody said. “He’s been trying to kill this buck for three years. I hadn’t hunted that little block for three years. The buck was going over there where nobody bothered him. I think he felt that comfortable on that little tract. That deer started daylighting like crazy. I moved five cameras on 100 acres, but he only showed up on one camera.”

Jody said the morning of Oct. 31 is a morning he will never forget, and not just because of the end result—killing a county record bow-buck. He said the sight of that huge buck coming toward his lock-on stand will forever be burned into his memory.

Jody said he thinks the deer was in there near his stand location when he went in before daylight.

“I saw a big-bodied deer run off,” Jody said.

At 7:30 a.m., Jody was texting some buddies in a group text when he heard what he said sounded like a horse running down the woods road toward his stand.

Jody said once he started getting pictures of the buck, he was “daylighting” like crazy—showing up during hunting hours instead of at night like mature bucks are apt to do.

“I look over and a doe is running down a old roadbed in a thicket that leads to a small food plot i was in. She ran up under me, tongue hanging out, breathing hard. Then I heard a buck grunt from back the way she had come from. She took off. He grunted two or three more times, and then I finally saw him standing in the roadbed she had come down. So of course the nerves kick in. He’s trotting down the hill. My heart almost came out of my chest. I’ve killed some big deer, but I will never forget how I felt seeing that joker running down the road,” Jody said.  

“This all went on in about 30 seconds. He came in the plot made a quick turn, staying on her trail, and I got a perfect shot quartering away at about 30 yards. If he had kept going straight, I never would have gotten a shot.

“At this point I knew I had just arrowed a buck of a lifetime for me. With all the nerves and the excitement going on, I just sat back down and started making phone calls to all my buddies. My first call I always make is to my dad. I always enjoy sharing the moment with him, and then of course my buddies. This will be a memory I will never forget.”

By the time Jody had waited a while to begin tracking, there was a group gathered at the property, including Jody’s son. The buck went about 120 yards. The blood trail all but stopped at 40 yards, but they finally started finding tiny little trickles every now and then that led to the buck. It was an exciting time for the entire group.

If I would have been by myself, I probably would have shed some tears,” Jody said. “But I held it together… and that’s the first deer I’ve killed when I didn’t have to do any dragging at all.”

The buck’s main-frame 8-point rack is remarkable, particularly because of the main beam and tine length. The main beams measured 26 7/8 and 25 4/8 inches long. The G2s were 14 3/8 and 14 1/8 inches. Jody’s buck tops the previous Twiggs County bow-buck record of 135 4/8 by almost 15 inches. The previous record was a buck taken by Kerry Sowell that’s stood at the top of the Twiggs County bowhunting records since 2015.


Twiggs County All-Time Bowhunting Record Bucks

1148 1/8 Jody Chance2020TwiggsBowView 
2142 6/8 Jody Chance2022TwiggsBowView 
3140 1/8 Landon Thompson2023TwiggsBowView 
4135 4/8 Kerry Sowell2015TwiggsBow
5135 4/8 Tyler Sellars2022TwiggsBowView 
6134 3/8 Kyle Shepherd2018TwiggsBow
7133 6/8 Kevin Shepherd2018TwiggsBow
8132 4/8 Jody Chance2023TwiggsBowView 
9132 1/8 Kyle Shepherd2017TwiggsBow
10132 Chuck McStotts2012TwiggsBow


Jody Chance’s Twiggs County buck had amazing main beams and tine length. The beams were 26 7/8 and 25 4/8 inches long. The G2s were 14 3/8 and 14 1/8 inches, and the G3s were 11 2/8 and 8 7/8 inches.


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  1. greecemonkey on February 17, 2021 at 11:01 pm

    I know a fellow who runs an insurance company in my home town. He makes big money and I know cause he drives a new Dodge 2500 4×4 quad cab pickup. He kills big bucks every year cause he leases two farms to hunt on. The average Joe can’t afford to do that and that includes me and I like to Deer hunt more than anyone else.

    • Georgiabnd on June 22, 2021 at 2:19 pm

      If you had wealth, would you start to be a good listener? Don’t believe those lies in your head that you can’t have things or that others have an unfair leg up. Set goals, take steps, learn by asking. Be willing to self-correct (be wrong) about things. Move in a new direction, my friend. If you are a mechanic, start your own business and make some serious money, for example. You seem smart enough.

  2. greecemonkey on February 17, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    In response to Bfriendly. You say all the money in the world can’t put a buck like that on the wall. Thats not true at all. Look at all the TV Deer hunters that fly all over the nation to hunt on those private preserves and look at the Deer they kill! Some of those Deer cost those guys 8 to $10.000 to kill. Don’t tell me money can’t get you a buck of a lifetime.

  3. gilream1 on January 19, 2021 at 4:38 pm

    That’s a great old buck! Congratulations.

  4. greecemonkey on January 18, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    This Deer kill is a prime example that the more money you have the bigger the Deer you can kill. Some of us can’t afford to lease 3 -4 tracts of land to hunt on. If I could lease all that land I could Deer like that too. You see it all the time, the people that can lease expensive Deer land kill all the big bucks. But it is a nice Deer.

    • bfriendly on January 19, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      Don’t forget the more money you have the nicer truck, house, clothes, weapons and probably purdier wife you can have too……lol
      I say props to him and take nothing away from it! All the money in the world won’t put a buck like that on the wall…..Jody went and got it!! Way to go JC!!

      • Danielb5 on January 22, 2021 at 3:14 am

        The comment is way too long. Sorry about that.

        To set the record straight, Jody doesn’t come from a family with a lot of money. They’re just a middle class family like us.

        The money that Jody has comes from working his butt off in his spare time.

        Jody is employed full time at EMC which is an electrical company located in Dudley, Ga. Jody started a side business removing trees for homeowners. He also incorporates some landscaping in that business.

        I say all this to make a point and give this deer kill the respect it deserves. The other point is the main take away here. Instead of sitting on my butt dreaming about a deer like this, I should get up and figure out what I need to do to achieve my goals. I should stop whining about what someone else has. Everything that Jody has is due to his hard work. Much respect to Jody for an incredible bow kill and the work it took to get there. Now it’s time for me to get back to my TV and recliner. I’ll work on this goal tomorrow. Tomorrow is always my best day to do the work.

    • gilream1 on January 19, 2021 at 4:37 pm

      Work hard, save your money. You sound like a jealous person…not good.

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