Megel Arrows 160-Inch Meriwether County Buck

Truck-Buck sponsor Jonathan Megel made his first buck on their Meriwether County property one to remember.

GON Staff | September 13, 2023

Jonathan Megel and his father John have been working on improving the hunting and quality of the deer on a tract of land in Meriwether County that they’ve had now for about three years. A major component of that effort is to try and let bucks get some age on them. Heading into this 2023 Georgia deer season, Jonathan had never taken a buck on the property. But he had his eye on one in particular that had been seen the past two seasons and was showing up on trail cameras again this year.

Kids sporting events and family commitments kept Jonathan at home for opening day, so Sunday of opening weekend was his first chance to hunt the farm. It came together Sunday evening, Jonathan made a perfect shot on his target buck. The 11-point rack was green scored right at 160 total inches, and it should net in the high 140s and push 150. It has 24-inch main beams and three tines that measure longer than 10 inches, including a G2 that is more than 11 inches.

Jonathan and his dad John own John Megel Chevy and John Megel Ford and have been the primary sponsor of GON’s Truck-Buck Contest for more than 30 years.


Meriwether County Best Bow-Buck Of All-Time

1157 6/8 Justin Collins2022MeriwetherBowView 
2174 3/8 (NT)Bryan Cooksey2021MeriwetherBowView 
3170 (NT)Bill Keith2003MeriwetherBowView 
4146 Nick Tinsley2023MeriwetherBowView 
5144 7/8 Bradley Haralson2009MeriwetherBowView 
6144 6/8 Luke Houston2020MeriwetherBowView 
7143 1/8 David Evans1999MeriwetherBow
8142 3/8 Bill Keith2014MeriwetherBow
9142 2/8 Rocky Reimer2010MeriwetherBow
10142 2/8 David Helmy2015MeriwetherBowView 


Opening weekend of the 2023-2024 Georgia bow season produced this super Meriwether County 11-point buck for Jonathan Megel. A rough green score had it at about 160 total inches and a net score close to 150.


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