Magic Buck Morning On Fort Gordon

An Army veteran has one of those mornings in the woods that all hunters dream about.

Simone Gibson | January 5, 2019

On the morning of Oct. 28, Karl VanVoorhis, of Harlem, killed two mature, heavy-racked bucks on Fort Gordon in Richmond County about 10 minutes apart.

“I got set up 45 minutes before shooting light. It’s a great morning, and everything is perfect,” said Karl. “About 15 minutes after sunrise, I hear two bucks fighting. They were close, but I couldn’t see them. It only lasted 20 to 30 seconds and then silence. Thirty seconds later, a 5 1/2-year-old 11-point runs right out to me. I shot him, and he dropped in his tracks.”

Elated, Karl got down from his climbing stand and walked over to the buck, laid his gun on it and snapped the picture below.

Karl posted his kill to Fort Gordon and was texting a few buddies when his morning got even more interesting.

“I hear ‘Burrrrhhhhhh……burrrhhhhhhh,'” said Karl. “There was another buck coming. I pick up my (rifle) and looked to my left, and I am 25 yards away face to face with a 6 1/2-year-old 10-point that just whooped this buck. I pulled up quickly and shot. He did a 180 and ran off, but I heard him crash 40 yards away in the brush. I walked to the spot where I shot him, and there was a line of blood that looked like it was shot out of a hose. I walked to where I heard him crash, and I scared off a doe. She was the reason for my luck. I get there and see this (right).” 

Karl said he was in shock at killing two mature Fort Gordon bucks within about 10 minutes.

“I think I’m dreaming, and it’s time to wake up,” said Karl.

A few texts were rolling in at that point, and now Karl has to share information about another big buck down.

“I don’t think anyone believed me at first,” said Karl. “I didn’t believe it.”

Lucky for Karl he had a “battle buddy” hunting 500 yards away.

“I ruined his day, and he saved mine,” said Karl. “I’d be dead in the woods if I had to drag both these studs out. We dragged them out, and even though he was whooped, my buddy still was able to take some pics for me.”

Karl did not enter his bucks into the Truck-Buck contest since he did not have a current GON Magazine Subscription when he killed them.

Karl said his two bucks gross about 118 and 122 inches, and he’s having them both mounted.

Congrats on a great day in the Georgia deer woods!

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