Lost Rifle Found On Redlands WMA

Rob Williams just wants the rifle he found to get back to the owner.

Brad Gill | November 16, 2018

Rob Williams, of Warner Robins, found a rifle in the woods on Redlands WMA on Friday, Nov. 2, and he wants to return it the the owner.

“I was walking in the woods, and it was just leaning up against a tree,” said Rob. “It was about 50 feet off a road, right there at the entrance to a trail. It appeared someone was gathering all their stuff and putting it in the truck and leaned the rifle up against a tree and drove off and left it. It had been there a couple of days, just long enough to start a little rust. It hadn’t been there long. It was right in the open. It wasn’t hiding.”

Rob said he wants to get the gun back to the owner. If it is your rifle, you’ll need to identify where the gun was left and describe the rifle. You can call Rob at (478) 397-6362 or email him at [email protected]

On a side note, Rob’s hunting wasn’t great.

“We didn’t see as many this year as we normally do, especially for that particular week. Of course it rained and was nasty all week, that may have had something to do with it,” said Rob. “And there’s a lot of clubs around that are baiting, too, that may have something to do with it.”

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