Laurens County Buck From 1988

Phillip Flanders deer is still one of the best from this middle Georgia county.

Daryl Gay | November 1, 1988

Phillip Flanders, of Adrian, has taken what is easily one of the best bucks to come out of Laurens County in some time. He had seen this deer the day before, but he couldn’t get a shot.

So the next morning, he had moved his stand down into the bottom where the deer were passing. He didn’t have to wait long.

About 7:15, here came two does bouncing and nervous. One stopped right under Phillip and looked back. Through the early mist the buck came, grunting all the way. Phillip laid him low.

Phillip Flanders with his Laurens County buck killed in 1988.

The buck field-dressed 160 pounds. But what a rack! Scored at Don Mathis Taxidermy the 12-pointer is basically a typical 10 with split brow tines. Both bases were 5 inches, the main beams 25-plus, and the longest tines are over 10. The massive rack rough scores more than 175 inches, but the deducts drop the unofficial green score to about 161. Still, it is a whopper anywhere.

Editor’s Note: In September 2018, this deer was No. 4 of all-time in Laurens County.

1170 6/8 Darrell Evans1992LaurensGunView 
2165 7/8 Stevie Drew2020LaurensGunView 
3187 7/8 (NT)Elliot Harrison1982LaurensGun
4162 3/8 Jeff Hall2004LaurensGunView 
5161 7/8 Phillip Flanders1988LaurensGunView 
6161 4/8 Robb Leckie2023LaurensGunView 
7161 2/8 B.J. Taylor2001LaurensGun
8157 6/8 Ronnie Bates2002LaurensGunView 
9180 3/8 (NT)Richard Dailey Jr.2018LaurensGunView 
10156 4/8 Mitch Padgett2017LaurensBowView 

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