Big Quitman County Buck Pushes 160

Lady kills the biggest deer in 10 years from this private land in southwest Georgia.

Simone Gibson | October 31, 2018

Pamela Poteet, of Georgetown, killed a Quitman County heavy-weight 9-pointer—215 pounds—that has been taped at 158 4/8 total inches. After the required 60-day drying period when the buck’s rack can be officially measured, Pamela believes the buck will net in the mid 140s after scoring deductions.

On the morning of Oct. 21, Pamela said the weather was perfect for hunting on a piece of property owned by her and her husband. She decided to hunt a food plot that was planted in a mixture of clovers and turnips.

“I had sat the entire day prior to seeing this buck without seeing a single deer move,” said Pamela.

Around 8:30 a.m., while in her homemade box stand, Pamela caught sight of a 6-pointer wandering onto her plot. She watched as he grazed the plot, and she waited for something bigger to come along. After observing the small buck for a while, it all of a sudden became spooked and ran off the plot.

“I was hoping something larger was coming out, and then I saw movement, and this beautiful 9-pointer walked into the food plot,” said Pamela.

Once she saw the deer, she immediately noticed that something was not quite right.

“He was winding, but I wasn’t sure if it was (smelling me) or the previous buck that had left,” said Pamela. “I slowly moved my .308 to a position that I could look at him in my scope. I waited until he was at a good angle to take my shot.”

She shot from 65 yards away. The deer jumped up and fell in the same spot it was standing.

Pamela’s buck caught on trail camera during the late summer.

“I waited about 10 minutes to make sure he did not move anymore and then went to take a closer look at him,” said Pamela.

She then called her husband to help load up the deer.

“I was happy to see he was the buck I had seen on camera several times. This buck is the largest buck ever taken from this private land in over 10 years,” said Pamela.

If Pamela’s buck does end up netting in the mid 140s, it will be the new No. 5 buck from Quitman County, according to GON’s official County-by-County buck rankings.

Pamela was not a subscriber to GON magazine when she killed the deer, so she was unable to enter the deer in the Truck-Buck contest. A buck that size has a great chance of being a weekly winner and earning the hunter a $1,100 Browning deer rifle, and bucks taken by a female hunter also have a shot at the Ladies Wildcard, earning a Havalon knife and a spot in the Shoot-Out for a new John Megel truck or Beast Ultimate Hunting Buggy.

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