Lady Hunter Kills 167-Inch Buck In Pike County

Jami Biles had no clue that a buck of this caliber was hanging around her hunting property.

Simone Gibson | December 4, 2018

On Nov. 23, Jami Biles, of Williamson, killed a Pike County deer that has a gross score of 167 inches.

Located on private land, Jami decided to go hunting in her usual spot. She arrived on the land at 4:30 p.m. It was cold, windy and raining at the time.

“I was just sitting there thinking, ‘Well, it’s going rain, and there isn’t going to be any deer moving,’” said Jami.

Jami had been sitting in her deer stand overlooking a field for 45 minutes and had seen nothing. Then, all of a sudden, she heard a noise and saw a buck and a doe coming out of the woods. Immediately, the doe stopped, but Jami had to holler in order to get the buck to stop.

“When he stopped, I quickly shot him,” said Jami.

Instead of dropping, the buck ran off.

“I went to go look for the deer, but I couldn’t find a blood trail,” said Jami.

After searching for a while, she decided to go look near a creek.

“I went toward the closest creek because that’s where deer usually go,” said Jami.

While searching along the creek, Jami almost looked right past where the deer way laying.

“At first when I saw the buck, I thought it was a tree, and then I decided to get closer, and that’s when I realized it was the deer I shot,” said Jami.

The neighbor had Jami’s buck on trail cam.

After killing the buck, a neighbor, who knew about the buck, shared a trail-camera picture that he had. Jami had no clue this buck was even around.

Jami will not be entering her buck into the Truck-Buck contest since her GON Magazine Subscription had expired.

Jami reports that the deer has 167 inches of total antler. The 15-pointer looks to score as a main frame 5X6, with one long abnormal tine on the right side and several kickers around the bases. The deer will be officially scored by a Boone & Crockett measurer sometime after the required 60-day drying period. After that, Jami’s buck will be entered in GON‘s County-by-County Big-Buck rankings.

Currently to make the top-10 in GON‘s County-by-County rankings in Pike County, the deer must net above 149 inches. GON keeps and compiles records of all bucks that net above 120.

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