Lady Hunter Kicks-Off Deer Season With Big Main-Frame 8-pointer

With 13 total points, this Fulton County buck was widely known in the Johns Creek area.

Brad Gill | September 13, 2021

It’s been a minute since the GON phone has rung with those familiar “I’ve killed a big ‘un,” words were on the other end of the line. That all changed this morning.

Christina Blair, of Temple, called and reported that she had knocked down a good one in Fulton County on Sunday, Sept. 12.

What a main-frame 8-pointer this is! Christina Blair, of Temple, killed the giant in north Fulton County with a crossbow on Sept. 12.

“People were telling me I needed to call you, so that’s what I’m doing,” said Christina.

Christina was hunting a small tract of family land in the Johns Creek area of north Fulton County. Along on the hunt was her husband, Matt.

“We knew he was there, we had videos of him for the last two or three months,” said Christina.

On opening morning, Christina was all set to go with her Excalibur Twin Strike crossbow.

“He didn’t show up, I’m not sure where he was,” said Christina.

The buck was widely known and being hunted by others, so Christina wondered if maybe a neighboring hunter had taken the buck. Who knows where the buck was for the bow opener, but nobody killed him because he made an appearance for Christina on Sunday morning at 8 a.m.

“There was a 10-pointer and a 12-pointer and some does that came out with him,” said Christina. “He gave me a good shot at about 20 yards.”

The buck only ran about 40 yards before piling up.

It’s unsure yet just what the big main-frame 8-pointer, which has some abnormal points making it a 13-pointer, will score, but Christina is going to have him officially scored for GON’s Georgia Deer Records. Although she’s been a GON reader for many years, she was not a subscriber at the time of kill and won’t be entering the deer in Truck-Buck.

“I had several really nice hunters in the area message me and tell me that they had been hunting the same deer,” said Christina.

GON publishes deer photos daily in our Trophy Room and in our Truck-Buck contest coverage.

Christina enjoys the moment with her dad, James McKinney.

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