Hunters For Christ Hosts Deer Hunt At West Point Lake

The annual wheelchair hunting trip was a success for all hunters and volunteers.

Karson Corbitt | December 20, 2017

Hunters for Christ is a program created by the Baptist Tabernacle Church of LaGrange. They host events to get people involved in hunting who never would have thought it was possible. It is a ministry all about fellowship and outreach to people who are wheelchair-bound.

One of the most popular events hosted by Hunters for Christ is a hunt on private land along West Point Lake, which recently took place on Saturday, Dec. 9.

“We provide all the food and cook the meals; it’s all on a volunteer basis. It’s not just members of our church, but it’s members of churches all over town and people who just want to help,” said Kerry White, who is a volunteer with the Hunters for Christ ministry.

Attendees are guaranteed a day of fellowship, bonding and hunting while their families join in. Hunters for Christ makes sure that wherever these people go, their wheelchairs can come, too.

“We have paved roads to get around on. We’ll put the guys on ATVs or the wheelchairs on trailers,” said Kerry.

Perhaps the best part of the event is on Saturday night, when a home-cooked meal is served while guest speakers share devotionals. Kerry said the fellowship on nights like this is unimaginable. The hunters often feel compelled to share their own stories and testimonies. It’s an all-around powerful time.

“You think going into it that you’re going to be there helping people, but by the end of the weekend, you’re the one getting helped,” said Kerry.

Veterans, people who were born unable to walk, and those who lost the ability are all involved in these events. These people are men, women and children who all want to hunt but aren’t always able to without the help of programs like this. These participants help put into perspective how much people take for granted.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Hunters for Christ has helped many people who do not let their disabilities get in the way of their lives and hobbies, and they will create a solution if they have a problem.

“We had an engineer who become unable to walk. So he rigged up a ladder stand and a set of hydraulics on his 4-wheeler. He’d just settle back in his chair, start pulling levers, and up he goes. It’s a pretty amazing bunch of people,” said Kerry.

Hunts like this and other great events are put on through donations and sponsorships. Hunters for Christ provides food and land for the annual West Point Lake hunt, and without the volunteers, this work would not be possible. This ministry also teams up with the U.S. Army Corps of EngineersFishers of Men and the Wounded Warrior Project to help with turkey hunts and fishing tournaments.

For more information about Hunters for Christ or to learn about how to get involved, contact Brian Huckleberry at (706) 616-2001, or by email, [email protected]. To learn more about Hunters for Christ, visit, or their Facebook Page.

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