Guest Shoots Lee County 12-Point B&C Buck

GON Staff | February 1, 1992

If there is an axiom about killing big bucks on hunt clubs, it is this: “Guests Kill Big Bucks.” Stan Steiner, who works for the DNR Fisheries Section and runs Moosehead Taxidermy in Americus, is the proof of that rule.

On Dec. 21, Stan was invited to hunt on a 1,200-acre private farm in Lee County. The property is a mx of peanuts, pastures, corn and woods—and it holds some very good bucks. The owner of the tract had taken Stan in before daylight and directed him to a permanent stand along a firebreak.

Guest luck! Stan Steiner shot shot this spectacular 12-point buck while hunting as a guest on a private Lee County tract.

At daylight, Stan listened and watched as more than 100 wood ducks squealed overhead as they flew from their roost. Then his attention was pulled to the woods and something moving in the brush about 100 yards away. At first he thought is was a coyote, but when he got a better look, it was a deer, and he saw antlers. In the early morning light, Stan thought he was lining up on a good 8-pointer. Stan put the crosshairs on the buck and touched off a round. The deer fell on the spot ,and as it did, Stan got a split-second glimpse of the buck’s headgear.

“When the deer fell, I thought ‘Geez! Those antlers look a little bigger than I thought!'” he said.

In fact, they got a good bit bigger. The buck was a 12-pointer with beams 24 and 25 inches long, 8-inch brow tines and a 20 1/8-inch inside spread. The rack added up to a gross green-score in the mid 170s. Even with a pair of abnormal points that counted as deductions, the buck netted 170 5/8 typical B&C inches.


Lee County Best Bucks Of All-Time

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2171 5/8 Benjamin Griffith2017LeeGun
3170 5/8 Stan Steiner1991LeeGunView 
4193 7/8 (NT)John Marbury1990LeeGun
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6167 4/8 David Campbell2009LeeBow
7167 Wesley Peek Jr.1995LeeGun
8187 4/8 (NT)John M. Kelly2020LeeBowView 
9162 4/8 Wannie Brookerd1991LeeGun
10162 3/8 Steve Ruckel1982LeeGunView 

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