Dream Hunts Yield Quail And Pheasant For SEEDS

GONetwork continues its sponsorship of Dream Hunts for SEEDS members.

GON Staff | April 1, 2008

Ten kids plus parents, five guides and dogs, plus 33 quail and 23 pheasants made for a great day last month. Kids that were quiet and a bit shy in the morning were, at the end of the day, sitting on tailgates discussing the finer points of shot angles, dog work and shotgun kick with each other and comparing the length of the tails of their pheasants. They arrived having never taken a quail or a pheasant. They left confident they could do it again and they considered themselves hunters.

This is the good work GONetwork does. Join them and bring the kids.

GONetwork holds fund-raising events across the state and uses those funds for many things including events like this one.

If you would like to become involved, join GONetwork and tell them what you would like to do. Call (800) 866-5516.

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