DNR Allows Shooting Hogs Over Bait

New policy for 2005 allows landowners and lessees to get a hog nuisance-control permit.

GON Staff | April 8, 2005

Georgia wildlife officials have declared their own little war on terror, and like the real deal, this battle requires that the old rules be thrown out.

DNR in March, 2005 announced a new policy that allows landowners and hunters who lease land to obtain a nuisance-control permit to deal with feral hogs. Anyone with this permit has three new options, shooting hogs over bait, at night with a light greater than 6-volts, and from a vehicle that is not on a public road.

The relaxed regulations for a permit-holder are not valid during Georgia’s deer or turkey seasons.

“We were getting a lot of comments from people needing to control hogs,” said Bill Fletcher, WRD Game Management chief. “A lot of people are doing intensive management for deer and are having problems with hogs that are tearing up food plots and are just direct competition for food. Feral hogs are a real problem in some areas, and they get very difficult to trap and to kill during daylight hours.”

To obtain a permit, a landowner or lessee should contact the WRD Game Management region office where the property is located. The Hunting Seasons and Regs booklet has a region map and phone numbers.

“They will need to provide certain information, such as where the land is located, what the damage is, the acreage of property, and then the permit will be mailed to them,” Bill said.

There was a lot discussion before the decision was made to allow shooting feral hogs over bait, Bill said.

“We arrived at our decision that we need to provide relief to landowners,” he said. “People said there’s no way to concentrate hogs unless baiting is an option. We blocked out turkey and deer season. We want to make a clear distinction that this is nuisance-animal control, this is not hunting.”

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