Bullard Creek Bruiser Taken On Bonus WMA Hunt

Reader Contributed | October 27, 2023

Dovie Hart, of Baxley, with a super 9-pointer taken at Bullard Creek WMA during the area’s Oct. 19-21 Bonus Deer Hunt.

By Dovie Hart

On Oct. 19, my 13-year-old God daughter Lydia Allegood, of Moultrie, and I went to Bullard Creek WMA located in Jeff Davis County just off the Altamaha River after being encouraged by my husband Ed hart to take advantage of possibly getting a buck. The WMA was hosting an Oct. 19-21 Bonus Deer Hunt, and I had no idea I would harvest a once-in-a-lifetime buck here in south Georgia.

I love to hunt and love even more to get the kids in the woods. Hunting for me is a time to reflect, to pray, and I’m always reminded of how great God is to me while sitting in a stand having opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. I should have known something great would happen that day after looking to the clear, starry skies  before daylight and actually catching a glimpse of a falling star and getting a picture of it on camera.

A shooting star isn’t exactly a common occurrence, but to actually photograph one, seems like it’d be pretty rare. Dovie took this photo the morning she killed her buck.

I saw a total of 18 deer that morning. They were does and bucks but no shooters. Around 9 a.m., I decided I would rattle some. Around 9:30, I heard something through the planted pine thicket about 50 yards ahead of me. The woods were thick, but I caught a glimpse of a deer. Honestly, I thought it was a doe. This deer was by itself and was walking in my direction and around 30 yards away. I then saw antlers, but I still wasn’t able to tell how big it was.

Once the buck got to 20 yards from me with my rifle in hand ready to shoot, he looked right at me and stopped. I knew he was about to turn back, so I prayed and then pulled the trigger. He ran back the way he came in.

I texted my husband, who came around 11 a.m. to help me find him, and I’m not quite sure he believed me when I said he’s a monster. There was no blood to track, and my worry began that maybe I made a bad shot. My husband swept back and forth for about 20 minutes though the woods in the direction I saw the buck run off and found him around 100 yards from where I shot him. My husband whistled for me to come. Once I got there, he looked at me and said, “You were right. He’s a monster.”

I thank God for the favor and the memories made with family and friends in the woods. The was the largest buck killed on the Bullard Creek WMA hunt.

Bullard Creek WMA All-Time Record Bucks

1133 2/8 Jamie Hursey2009Jeff DavisGun
2128 1/8 Allen Bowen2003Jeff DavisGun
3127 John Malone1993ApplingBowView 
4125 6/8 Bobby Chambless1978Jeff DavisGun
5122 1/8 Robert Bush2012ApplingGun
6121 5/8 Scott Perkins2005MontgomeryGun
7121 3/8 Scott Perkins2012Jeff DavisBowView 
8119 4/8 Larry Smith2000Jeff DavisGun

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