Bucks Chasing Does: Georgia Rut Action By County

County-by-County dates, times and habitats of rutting activity.

Daryl Kirby | November 1, 1998

When is the rut? Answer that question, and your chances of killing a mature buck increase significantly. Unfortunately, it’s darn near an unanswerable question! 

The “rut” can mean different things to different people. For purposes of this article, we’re talking about the peak period of mature bucks chasing does.

Using six years of hunt stories from Truck-Buck contest entrants, we found hundreds of instances where mature bucks were seen chasing does, and these are listed by county below.

But remember, the peak of chasing activity can vary from one tract of land to another. Only your own time in the woods and first-hand experiences can answer the all-important question.

Baldwin Co. • 10/29/94; 5:20 p.m.; Bob Salvador, Milledgeville; two does came running by with a big 8-pointer chasing them, a few minutes later buck chased does by stand again.

• 11/3/96; 5:45 p.m.; John Jackson, Eatonton; hunting a hardwood hillside when three does ran into view, followed by a spike; a minute later a 12-point buck showed up.

• 11/4/95; 4:30 p.m.; Randy Dunn Jr., Milledgeville; a doe came out on and oak hillside and stopped and looked behind her; she would walk about 10 to 15 yards and stop and look back; 13-point buck came out and followed her direct path.

Banks Co. • 10/23/94; 8:15 a.m.; Freddie Dalton, Carnesville; hunting in hardwoods with lots of sign; doe ran by with four bucks following her; shot 8-pointer.

• 11/17/95; 8:00 a.m.; Thomas Pace III, Commerce; doe came out and buck was chasing 25 yards behind.

• 12/4/92; 9:15 a.m.; Billy Duck, Brazelton; 8-point buck had its head down like trailing a doe, then doe ran by and buck chased her.

Barrow Co. • 10/29/97; 9:45 a.m.; Phil Hewatt, Winder; hunting hardwoods next to creek bottom; doe came out at a fast walk with tail straight up, looking back; 9-point buck charged out of thicket.

• 11/19/94; 8:05 a.m.; Larry Reynolds, Winder; fourth buck he saw that day; shot 9-pointer that was trailing two does and grunting. 

Bartow Co. 11/21/94; 5:40 p.m.; Danny Higgins, Adairsville; that morning his wife saw a buck chasing a doe across a field surrounded by a cutover; that evening Danny hunted field; doe came into field followed by 9-pointer that was chasing the doe.

• 11/28/92; 4:00 p.m.; Sammy Milligan, Aragon; doe was easing through hardwoods and buck was right behind her; 10-pointer that scored 123 6/8.

• 12/13/95; 9:15 a.m.; Jerry Jones, Adairsville; Pine Log Mtn. WMA; 8-pointer chasing a doe in hardwoods “on the top of the mountain.”

Ben Hill Co. • 11/1/93; 6:00 p.m.; Steven Sheppard, Fitzgerald; found scrape the day before; a doe came out at the edge of a field, a 10-pointer came running out behind her.

Bleckley Co. • 11/10/96; 7:00 a.m.; Joe Bechtel, Byron; hunting select-cut woods along overgrown logging road; doe was running with a buck close behind “grunting up a storm.” Shot 10-pointer then saw two more bucks.

• 11/12/94; 9:30 a.m.; Bill Montgomery, Columbus; shot 8-pointer that was following doe.

Brooks Co. • 11/16/95; 9:00 a.m.; Freddie Goff, Valdosta; saw 10 deer that morning; killed big 11-pointer that was following a doe, and also saw another buck following a doe.

• 11/23/95; 7:15 a.m.; Steve Dykes, Valdosta; had just gotten in stand when hunter spotted 8-point buck chasing a doe through a cutover.

Butts Co. • 10/28/95; 9:10 a.m.; Andy Williams, Hiram; big 12-point buck ran across a pasture with does.

• 10/29/94; 8:30 a.m.; Clint Adamson, Jackson; hunting edge of cutover in big pines, running three seconds behind doe was 10-pointer.

Burke Co. • 11/15/95; 8:30 a.m.; David Earl Tyre, Jesup; shot 9-pointer following a doe.

Larry Worsley, of Edison, with his Calhoun County buck he killed Nov. 27, 1996.

Calhoun Co. • 11/27/96; 7:00 a.m.; Larry Worsley, Edison; shot an 8-pointer that scored 124 4/8 that was chasing a doe in a corn field.

• 12/12/97; David Thornton, Marietta; shot a 9-pointer as it chased a doe.

• 1/10/98; 7:30 a.m.; Greg Odom, Arlington; big 7-pointer (11-inch tines) chased a doe out of a swamp into a wheat field.

Cherokee Co. • 11/16/96; 8:30 a.m.; James Brediger, Kennesaw; heard a buck grunt, turned to see two does running and “zig-zagging” down a ridge, and right behind them was an 8-pointer that scored 120 1/8 B&C.

Colquitt Co. • 11/12/96; 6:45 a.m.; Alan Whitaker, Moultrie; hunting edge of pines and a peanut field; doe ran into field and buck followed; shot 10-pointer that scored 172 4/8 B&C, best in state that year. 

Coweta Co. • 11/2/96; 5:45 p.m.; Wade Keahey, Newnan; hunting a food plot; three does entered field, then hunter heard a grunt and a buck entered and chased the does; shot 10-pointer that weighed 200 pounds.

• 11/10/95; 9:15 a.m.; Scott Griffin, Senoia; does ran in like they were being chased by a 9-point buck that was behind them, the buck left the does in a dead walk; buck was acting like he was searching for receptive does.

• 11/10/96; 8:30 a.m.; Barry Davis, Stone Mountain; hunting near a kudzu patch at an old home place; the evening before saw a 6-pointer and a spike chase two does around until dark; next morning shot a 10-pointer that scored 127 4/8 after grunting to make it stop as it ran by.

• 11/11/94; 8:30 a.m.; Larry Heaton, Newnan; shot 10-point buck that was chasing two does.

• 11/17/94; 10:30 a.m.; Victor Fountain, Fairburn; “deer were in full rut, saw 19 deer before this one, let three other bucks walk, bucks chasing does around a pasture.” Shot big 10-pointer with 8 1/2-inch tines. 

• 11/19/94; 7:15 a.m.; Hugh Maddux, Newnan; doe came out of pine thicket and fed on acorns, buck trotted out and began chasing her; huge 13-pointer with 12-inch tines.

• 11/20/93; 7:20 a.m.; Jimmy Crumbley, McDonough; saw two bucks chasing a doe. 

• 11/20/94; 8:00 a.m.; Grady Fields, Newnan; shot 9-point buck that was trailing a doe.

Crawford Co. • 11/17/97; 9:30 a.m.; Jim Murphy, Woodstock; record-breaking cold just after full moon; walking logging road when doe crossed, big buck followed her and crossed; several minutes later she burst from the woods with a different buck chasing, and then 10-pointer (150 7/8 B&C) followed.

• 11/22/97; 5:15 p.m.; Anthony Hill, Carrollton; hunting mixed pine/hardwoods with patches of thick, short pines and sweetgums; heard deer running toward him and heard grunting as a buck ran two does into a thicket; heard a lot of noise and then a spike ran out into the hardwoods snorting and shaking its head; 15 minutes later a doe crossed a logging road and 9-point buck (117 7/8 B&C) was behind her. 

• 11/23/96; 5:15 p.m.; Steve Campbell, McDonough; hunting a select cut near a swamp; that morning a friend saw a nice buck grunting and chasing does in the select cut; Steve shot a 9-pointer that afternoon. 

Crisp Co. • 11/3/97; 8:45 a.m.; Johnnie Wilson, Fitzgerald; was still-hunting when he heard a buck grunt in a small bottom in planted pines; doe shot out of the bottom; buck grunted again and then ran out following the doe; 10-pointer that scored 133 4/8.

• 11/27/97; 5:30 p.m.; Clark Bass, Leslie; hunting cotton field with corn planted on edge; 8-point buck chased doe into cotton field.

DeKalb Co. • 11/6/96; 8:30 a.m.; Craig Sears, Stone Mountain; bowhunting a hardwood ridge; two does ran by with a spike and 4-pointer chasing them and grunting; then 8-pointer came in and Craig missed; while searching for signs of a hit, he heard more crashing and two bucks ran by, then another buck which he shot; 10-pointer that scored 144 5/8 P&Y. 

• 11/9/97; 12:00 noon; David Ocasio, Cumming; doe tore by at full run with a spike on her tail, and a few minutes later 10-point P&Y buck trotted down same trail.

Dooly Co. • 11/4/94; 9:30 a.m.; Robert Scott, Alma; saw total of six bucks and five does, shot 8-pointer as it was chasing a doe.

• 11/6/95; 7:30 a.m.; Stephen Godwin, Vienna; doe entered a field and crossed to another woodline, buck followed her trail.

• 11/10/96; 9:35 a.m.; Benny Willis, Cordele; saw several small bucks chasing does; shot a 9-pointer that ran by stand.

• 11/11/95; 8:15 a.m.; Fred Carter, Cordele; watched 10-pointer chase a doe across peanut field into wet-weather pond.

• 11/22/96; 10:30 a.m.; Michael Crenshaw, Counce, Tenn.; hunting from a tripod stand surrounded by planted pines; watched several small bucks chasing does at daylight; little later 8-pointer followed a doe.

• 11/25/94; 9:00 a.m.; Wesley Rose, Oviedo, Fla.; 9-point buck was chasing a doe in hardwoods.

• 11/25/95; 8:40 a.m.; Wesley Rose, Oviedo Fla.; watched buck follow a doe back and forth across a trail several times before getting a shot; big 8-pointer with 13-inch tines.

Dougherty Co. • 11/29/92; 5:45 p.m.; Mitch Lindsey, Social Circle; shot big non-typical buck that was chasing a doe through a swamp bottom.

Elbert Co. • 11/3/97, 10: 50 a.m.; John Harper III, Bowman; hunting 8-year-old clearcut near small creek; shot 9-pointer as it chased a doe.

Fayette Co. • 11/26/95; 7:15 a.m.; Scott Keaton, McDonough; 9-point buck was chasing two does across a cut-over.

• 12/4/93; 5:00 p.m.; Ryan Wheeler, Fayetteville; it was raining steadily and Ryan was slipping slowly through select-cut pines when he heard a limb snap; a buck was trailing a doe with its nose to the ground on her trail. 

Franklin Co. • 11/17/94; 7:12 a.m.; Marcelle Purcell, Atlanta; stand was between 4-year-old planted pines and beaver swamp; buck chased doe out of beaver swamp.

• 11/21/92; 1:00 p.m.; David Vaughn, Royston; was trailing a buck he had shot when a doe ran out of a thicket and squatted and a 6-point ran up and mounted her; they both trotted off with buck grunting after her.

• 11/23/96; 8:40 a.m.; Blake Alewine, Suwanee; hunting a hardwood ridge; a doe topped the ridge 100 yards away at a steady run, she had her tail tucked and was panting; a 10-point buck was 30 seconds behind her.

Fulton Co. • 11/9/96; 8:56 a.m.; Wayne Johnson, Forest Park; hunting in south Fulton County in a clearcut; the day before saw a small buck chasing a doe; shot a 12-pointer that scored 130 B&C that was running right behind a doe.

• 11/13/94; 10:00 a.m.; Frankie Vaughn, Atlanta; bowhunting in north Fulton; 10-point (P&Y) was following a doe in a thicket. 

• 11/17/92; 5:40 p.m.; Larry Cook, Carrollton; buck was chasing a doe across an old dove field; 8-pointer that scored 113 0/8 points.

• 11/27/97; 8:15 a.m.; Danny Alsobrook, Powder Springs; hunting old field grown up with broom sedge, briers and scattered pines bordered by swamp; at 8:15 a.m. two does came out of swamp acting nervous, and two minutes later 10-pointer buck (145 2/8 B&C) burst out of the swamp grunting and chasing the does.

• 12/2/93; Anthony Rogers, Alpharetta; bowhunting in north part of county; saw two bucks chase four does down a hardwood ridge.

Gordon Co. • 10/22/94; 9:30 a.m.; Bob Oesterle, Calhoun; doe walked by “bobbing her tail” and 10-pointer was following her, nose to the ground, grunting the whole way.

• 11/12/94; 12:05 p.m.; Glenn Blalock, Calhoun; about to climb down from stand when 8-point buck came out following does.  

Greene Co. • 10/23/95; 9:30 a.m.; Ken Lynch, Marietta; 10-pointer, grunting and chasing doe.

• 10/25/97; 2:30 p.m.; Jason McFarland, Eatonton; hunting food plot; saw several bucks chasing does and grunting, watched twobucks spar; saw seven bucks in three hours; shot 9-pointer.

• 11/2/96; 7:00 a.m.; Royce McAlister, Lilburn; hunting 10-year-old clearcut; heard a buck grunt before daylight, 20 minutes later two does ran out of a thicket, and a 10-pointer was close behind; buck then worked a scrape; Royce grunted, the buck charged in and attacked a tree.

• 11/14/92; 11:00 a.m.; T.J. Bauer, Woodstock; at 10 a.m. a buck chased two does down a ridge, grunting as he ran; hunter gave two series of grunts on his call and a doe appeared, then the buck.

Hall Co. • 11/24/95; 4:45 p.m.; Chris Seymour, Cleveland; on way to property saw  buck chasing a doe in a field; was walking toward stand in field when buck came back into field chasing doe again.

Hancock Co. • 10/25/97; 8:10 a.m.; Mike Clayton, Nashville; hunting over small rye field and hardwood hollow surrounded by planted pines; 9-pointer following 30 yards behind doe, grunting as it walked.

• 10/28/95; 8:00 a.m.; Michael McLemore, Ringgold; buck chased a doe across a powerline; the 9-pointer was grunting as it ran.

• 11/2/96; 9:45 a.m.; Amos Bishop, Dalton; sprinkling rain, hunting a 5-year-old cutover; heard limbs breaking and turned to see a 10-pointer (137 1/8 B&C) chasing a doe.

• 11/6/97; 8:30 a.m.; Curtis Smith, Cumming; hunting pine hillside surrounding small patch of oaks; doe crossed logging road acting spooked and 10-pointer was “hot on her trail.”

• 11/7/97; 5:40 p.m.; Tony Jones, Jonesboro; hunting edge of a clearcut with newly planted pines; watched a buck chase a doe 150 yards away; used grunt call to see how deer would react and a 7-pointer and spike came out of the woods; 20 minutes later shot a 7-pointer; walked out logging road to wait and 30 minutes later shot an 11-pointer!

• 11/8/97; 10:00 a.m.; Jeff Moon, Conyers; hunting woods road through thick 12-year-old cutover; heard commotion and saw two bucks chasing a doe; shot larger buck, an 8-pointer.

• 11/9/97; 2:15 p.m.; Chip Brown, White Plains; hunting white oaks at edge of clearcut; 8-point buck came in chasing a doe.

• 11/19/94; 8:07 a.m.; Allen Orr, Oxford; doe ran out of a pine thicket acting spooked, 10 minutes later another doe emerged, looking behind her; 10-pointer was following.

• 11/28/96; 9:10 a.m.; Darrell Hicks, Pendergrass; shot a 13-pointer, “bucks were chasing does left and right.”

Hall Co. • 11/26/95; 9:45 a.m.; Benny Peck, Murrayville; 8-point buck was chasing a doe through a clearcut, grunting as it ran.

• 1/1/98; 5:30 p.m.; Chad Wright, Gainesville; at 5:20 saw a doe run out of thicket, then turn and run back, and a few minutes later another doe ran out of a bottom with her tail sticking straight out, 10-pointer (124 0/8 points) was chasing her.

Haralson Co. • 11/24/94; Edward Traylor, Douglasville; shot a buck that was in “hot pursuit” chasing a doe.

Harris Co. • 11/4/95; 6:00 p.m.; Glenn Garner, LaGrange; at about 5:00 p.m. a doe ran out of a thicket and right behind her was a monster buck; 45 minutes later a small 10-pointer and two spikes chased some does out of the oaks; heard a grunt from direction monster buck went, then heard another deer walking behind him; arrowed P&Y class 10-pointer.  

• 11/8/93; 7:00 a.m.; John Knox, LaGrange;  went to area where he had seen two bucks chasing does the day before, buck came in from a stand of thick pines “looking for a doe.”

• 11/9/96; 9:30 a.m.; David Lock, LaGrange; clear, cold morning, hunting the edge of a hardwood ridge and a large cutover; saw several small bucks chasing does, then saw an 8-pointer with short tines that he passed; then shot an 8-pointer that scored 113 6/8.

• 11/13/93; 5:15 p.m.; Marty Wood, Columbus; shot a big 10-pointer as it chased a doe across a field.

• 11/14/96; 8:45 a.m.; Larry Garner Jr., LaGrange; bowhunting a hardwood flat and creek bottom; had seen several bucks chasing does for several days; P&Y buck chased a doe straight to his stand.

Hart Co. • 11/11/92; 7:15 a.m.; Ben Ayers, Royston; 8-point buck was running two does when it was shot at the edge of some hardwoods and a pasture; scored 102 7/8.

Heard Co. • 11/13/93; 10:25 a.m.; Ronald Mask, Fayetteville; 8-pointer was chasing a doe behind two smaller bucks.

• 11/13/96; 8:50 p.m.; Casey Smith, Newnan; walking through clearcut saw a 6-pointer chasing a doe; sat for 45 minutes and saw a spike chasing a doe; a few minutes later two more does ran into clearcut with 10-pointer chasing.

• 11/14/97; 5:50 p.m.; Daniel Caldwell, Douglasville; saw several smaller bucks during afternoon; at 5:45 p.m. heard a buck grunting in front of stand, then heard another buck grunting behind and shot 10-pointer (128 3/8 B&C) as it followed a doe.

• 11/18/97; 6:50 a.m.; hunting edge of planted pines and cutover; 26 degrees; 6-point buck closely following a doe with its nose to the ground; 25 minutes later 9-pointer (134 6/8) came up same trail with its nose to the ground.

• 11/24/95; 7:45 a.m.; Garett Osborne, Dallas; 15 minutes after climbing into stand overlooking 5-year-old clearcut, hunter saw three does trot into the cutover like they had been spooked; then 12-point buck came out.  

Henry Co. • 11/4/97; 5:20 p.m.; Donald Jarman, McDonough; stand is at the edge of a thicket overlooking hardwood hillside; heard loud noise in thicket, then 10 minutes later doe ran out acting very nervous and looking back; buck emerged from thicket.

• 11/4/95; 4:20 p.m.; big 8-point buck ran through hardwoods chasing three does.

• 11/20/93; 8:20 a.m.; Ben Kirby, Marietta; heard bucks fighting and grunt-snort-wheeze before daylight; shot 8-pointer (128 1/8 B&C) that was following doe.

• 11/23/95; hour before dark; buck was grunting and chasing a doe through thick planted pines.

Jackson Co. • 11/3/96; 9:00 a.m.; Dustin Edwards, Commerce; hunting edge of a small cutover and hardwood thicket along a creek; 8-point buck was right behind five does, grunting as it ran around and sniffed the does; Dustin used his grunt call and the buck came out of thicket stomping its front legs.

Jasper Co. • 10/31/92; 9:00 a.m.; Steve Ashworth, Marietta; 10-pointer (142 4/8 B&C) was chasing a doe through thick planted pines.

• 11/8/97; 9:30 a.m.; Scott Hobgood, Stockbridge; 30 minutes after daybreak three does ran by with buck grunting and chasing them; an hour later three does ran by and 14-point buck was chasing them.

• 11/9/95; 4:00 p.m.; Earl Fillbach, Eatonton; saw doe being chased, then heard a buck grunt; later buck emerged from the thicket.

• 11/12/97; 4:30 p.m.; Ricky Garrett, Powder Springs; sitting on bucket at edge of powerline; 10-pointer chased doe across opening.

• 11/30/96; 11:00 a.m.; Jeff Bailey, Dacula; still-hunting a hardwood creek bottom, saw a doe and right behind her was an 11-pointer; day before saw a 4-pointer chasing a doe and behind them was another big buck.

Jeff Davis Co. • 12/7/95; 8:30 a.m.; Paul Graham, Hazlehurst; buck was grunting, following about one minute behind a doe that was walking through a creek bottom.

Jenkins Co. • 10/27/93; 4:30 p.m.; Robert Jenkins Jr., Millen; buck was in soybean field chasing a doe.

Johnson Co. • 10/31/97; 5:00 p.m.; James Anderson, Jesup; hunting mixed pine/hardwoods with lots of buck sign; heard deer running that morning; shot buck that was following a doe and grunting as it walked. 

Jones Co. • 10/27/94; 6:37 p.m.; Kenneth Hoffmann, Norcross; hunting Piedmont NWR; buck was chasing doe back and forth across small creek.

• 10/29/95; 9:15 a.m.; C.F. Pinkston, Macon; trophy-managed land; saw bucks chasing does all morning; six bucks were passed up before shooting 11-pointer that was chasing a doe.

• 11/2/96; 5:30 p.m.; Howell Crutchfield, Round Oak; hunting a hardwood draw next to young planted pines, heard what sounded like two bucks fighting, then heard deer running everywhere and heard one grunt under his stand after dark.

• 11/3/96; daylight; Howell Crutchfield; same stand as above; heading toward the stand heard deer running in the hardwoods and heard one grunting; knelt down and used grunt call and a small 8-pointer walked up. “Everybody I talked to either saw or heard bucks fighting. The rut is going strong in Jones County. Out of six bucks I had seen on 11/3, four were grunting.”

• 11/4/96; 5:45 p.m.; hunter watched 4-pointer and spike spar; 11-pointer walked straight toward a doe and grunted once, doe broke and ran and buck started to chase her. 

• 11/6/94; 7:50 a.m.; Larry Lumpkin, Marietta; three bucks were following a doe, shot a 10-pointer with 7-inch tines.

• 12/3/94; 5:45 p.m.; Mark Steed, Round Oak; big 10-point buck came out into pasture chasing a doe.

Lamar Co. • 11/5/94; 7:15 a.m.; Bob Barringer, Zebulon; saw a doe across a creek bottom and 8-point buck was running behind her.

• 11/8/93; 5:30 p.m.; 10-pointer crashed through planted pines and chased two does into food plot, one doe had her tail straight out. 

• 11/18/93; 5:47 p.m.; Ervin Allison, Jonesboro; big 10-pointer was chasing seven does through a cutover.

Laurens Co. • 11/6/94; 9:20 a.m.; Ronald Heinen, Port Charlotte, Fla.; saw a doe being chased by a small 6-pointer and 10-pointer chasing them both; later saw 10-pointer again chasing a doe.

• 11/6/94; 10:00 a.m.; Robert Wilkins, McDonough; edge of the water in a swamp bottom; doe ran by with 8-pointer following.

• 11/14/94; 10:15 a.m.; Matt Taylor, Kathleen; about to get on 4-wheeler when he heard crashing in the woods; a doe crossed logging road and he shot and missed, then an 8-point jumped across road following doe, and then Matt shot a 9-pointer when it stopped in road. 

• 11/28/97; 5:45 p.m.; Johnny Howard, Dudley; shot 14-point non-typical buck (150 B&C) that was chasing a doe across a pasture. 

• 11/28/92; 11:30 a.m.; Steve Nunley, Acworth; hunting a cutover; saw a doe, then 9-point buck (128 4/8 B&C) that was following her trail with its head down.  

Lee Co. • 11/22/96; 8:30 a.m.; Joe Chandler, Social Circle; at daybreak saw three does run across a corn field and 10 minutes later a 6-pointer followed their trail; later shot an 11-pointer that scored 141 3/8 as it chased a doe out of a thicket.

• 11/29/97; 9:30 a.m.; Shawn Walters, Albany; “The rutting activity on the property was in full swing; we had been seeing bucks chasing does throughout the Thanksgiving holidays.” Hunting drain between two areas of mature pines; three bucks ran a doe out of an area of natural pine regeneration to the drain; shot biggest, a 10-pointer that scored 146 2/8.

• 12/1/94; 7:20 a.m.; Jack Patton, Baxley; hunting a ladder stand in 4-year-old planted pines; 10-point buck came out following a doe; also heard another deer grunting but couldn’t see it.

• 12/30/94; 5:00 p.m.; Jeremy Hobbs, Tifton; hunting edge of hardwoods and rye patch, saw doe coming toward stand, then heard buck grunting behind the doe; shot 10-pointer.

• 1/2/95; 8:30 a.m.; Scott Liggin, Montezuma; hunting in swamp, walked up on 8-point buck chasing a doe. 

Liberty/Bryan Co. • Reproductive data collected at Ft. Stewart showed the peak of conception last year was Oct. 11-17.

Macon Co. • 11/3/94; 6:45 a.m.; Lenny Keys, Lizella; two does came into view and kept looking back over their shoulders, then buck stepped out and began to chase the does.

• 11/18/95; 9:00 a.m.; Lenny Keys, Lizella; passed up three bucks that morning including 9-pointer; killed big 8-pointer that was chasing a doe in a cutover.

• 11/18/95; 5:35 p.m.; James Cook, Bonaire; a doe led a buck across a field into some hardwoods, where the hunter heard the buck grunting for about 15 minutes, then the doe and 9-point buck ran back into the field.

• 11/19/96; 5:00 p.m.; Jimmy Causey, Byron; hunting a 30-acre peanut field when 10-point buck came out chasing two does.

Madison Co. • 11/14/94; 8:10 a.m.; Will Campbell, Hull; saw three does being chased by a small 4-pointer, does came back without buck 30 minutes later and fed in cutover, then 9-point buck came in smelling the trail the does had taken.

• 11/14/97; 6:00 p.m.; David Kilgore, Danielsville; hunting thickets along a creek bottom; drizzling and windy; five does came by at a steady pace; 10 minutes behind was an 11-point buck (133 7/8 B&C) on same trail and grunting.

• 11/25/95; 7:25 a.m.; Lanier Mason, Danielsville; saw 11-point buck chasing five does in circles through an overgrown field.

Marion Co. • 11/5/94; 8:10 a.m.; Thomas Montgomery, Box Springs; shot 11-pointer that was chasing a doe.

• 11/16/95; 11:25 a.m.; Charles Turner, Buena Vista; buck chased a doe about 100 yards away, hunter grunted and both deer turned and ran toward his stand, shot big 7-pointer.

• 11/17/95; 5:45 p.m.; Jerald Henson, Marietta; 8-pointer was running across a grown-up field with his head held out and nose to the ground.

Meriwether Co. • 11/5/92; 5:45 p.m.; Buddy Laster, Griffin; let a spike walk, then saw three does come out of a little pine draw into a powerline, acting spooky; two more does suddenly bolted out and 13-pointer (141 1/8 B&C) was right on their heels.

• 11/7/96; 8:00 a.m.; Eddie Bryant, LaGrange; hunting a food plot; a doe ran up and stopped 15 yards behind stand, gasping for air, and sank to the ground as another deer ran up, a 10-pointer; then an 8-pointer ran up that was breathing hard with its tongue hanging out. After shooting the 10-pointer, the doe did not get up and the 8-pointer didn’t leave. After five minutes Eddie stood up and waved his hat and the doe slowly got up and walked away and the 8-pointer followed.  

• 11/8/92; 9:30 a.m.; Danny Estrada, Doraville; hunting in hardwoods near a swamp when a doe came out acting funny and hurried off; 8-point buck came after her, grunting.

• 11/8/92; 9:30 a.m.; Kenneth Jackson, Fayetteville; hunting hardwood draw when a doe ran by with an 8-pointer chasing.

• 11/8/92; 7:30 a.m.; Johnny Worley, Alvaton; saw two smaller bucks running does and grunting; then bigger buck came in; 18-pointer that scored 149 7/8 non-typical points.

• 11/10/93; 8:30 a.m.; Tommy Groover, Riverdale; still-hunting through cutover, knew bucks were running does; heard grunting, then deer moving, doe crossed opening, the buck was trotting after her.

• 11/10/96; 5:45 p.m.; Neil Fernander, Douglasville; hunting food plots; saw several small bucks chasing does; does in the food plot were acting very nervous, then 8-point buck trotted into food plot.

• 11/15/97; 5:00 p.m.; Danny Gipson, Lawrenceville; hunting hardwoods that border small pines; saw 4-pointer and 6-pointer chasing does; later shot 9-pointer as it chased a group of five does. 

• 11/18/96; 5:30 p.m.; Johnny Phillips, Moreland; hunting between three wheat fields where he could see all three; 8-point buck came in chasing three does in circles.

• 11/19/95; Kevin Norred, Fayetteville; two does ran up with a big 9-pointer chasing them.

• 11/26/94; 8:00 a.m.; Dudley Fincher, Fayetteville; heard a deer grunt, then 11-pointer came running down a hill chasing two does.

Monroe Co. • 11/22/96; 7:15 a.m.; Clifford Edwards, Cumming; hunting a creek bottom; saw a doe, then a small 8-pointer and heard it grunt as it chased the doe; a few minutes later heard a loud, long grunt; shot a 10-pointer.

Morgan Co. • 11/4/94; 8:00 a.m.; Richard Hill, Snellville; saw two does coming toward him when all of a sudden they bolted and a 12-point buck charged into view.

• 11/6/95; 5:15 p.m.; John Anderson, Monroe; saw doe and 13-pointer was on her tail.

• 11/9/93; 5:17 p.m.; Jarrod Brannen, Unadilla; buck grunted and chased a doe into a wheat field; saw seven bucks and 10 does.   

• 11/12/94; 8:30 a.m.; Jeff Banks, Covington; shot 12-pointer that was running two does.

• 11/18/93; 9:15 a.m.; Giles Hill, Marietta; shot 8-pointer as it followed a doe. 

• 11/23/94; afternoon, Ken Brown, Covington; six does and two bucks were in winter wheat field when big 150-class buck ran out and started chasing the does.

• 11/26/93; 5:35 p.m.; Brian Loving, Buford; 11-pointer was running two does across a field.

Newton Co. • 11/5/94; 7:00 a.m.; Stan Edwards, Covington; 8-pointer with 9-inch tines following doe.

Oconee Co. • 11/25/96; 2:45 p.m.; Marty Brown, Watkinsville; hunting river bottom; two does came out chased by an 8-pointer.

Oglethorpe Co. • 10/28/94; 9:10 a.m.; Greg Gillespie, Commerce; heard buck grunting and chasing does in thick pines; hour later heard another grunt, then doe came running out into powerline with 9-point buck right on her tail.

• 11/3/94; 6:50 a.m.; heard buck grunting for about five minutes, then saw doe and 9-pointer was trotting 20 to 25 yards behind her.

• 11/4/95; 7:00 a.m.; Mike Whitehead, Comer; two does came running into field, then 10-point buck came out of the woods and started chasing the does.

• 11/9/93; 10:21 a.m.; Keith Cofer, Auburn; buck was chasing does in a clearcut.

• 11/13/94; 10:30 a.m.; Terry Shaw, Winder; saw two spikes chasing does all morning long; later shot an 8-pointer in same area.

• 11/14/95; 8:30 a.m.; John Seginak, Comer; 12-point buck came across a large fallow field trailing two does.

• 11/20/94; 9:45 a.m.; Chris Castle, Athens; two bucks were chasing a doe, shot 8-pointer.

• 11/25/95; 7:05 a.m.; Danny Thomas, Clarkesville; at daylight an 8-point buck ran through hardwoods chasing a doe.

• 11/28/97; 8:00 a.m.; Tommy Rinaldi, Norcross; hunting hardwood ridge next to swamp; saw a doe crossing ridge; she would trot about 10 yards and then stop to look back; 8-pointer was about 30 yards behind her.

Paulding Co. • 12/1/95; 3:05 p.m.; Tim Sosebee, Acworth; 5 1/2-year-old 9-pointer was following two does, one of which had just pawed a scrape and had her tail straight out. Buck was two minutes behind the does and was standing in the scrape when Tim shot. 

Pike Co. • 11/17/95; 4:45 p.m.; Stephen Samax, Fairburn; saw bucks chasing doe that morning, friend shot an 8-pointer that was chasing a doe; that afternoon went back and saw 14 deer total, five of which were bucks chasing does; shot 11-pointer.

• 11/20/93; 8:20 a.m.; Tommy Smith, Griffin; buck was following two minutes behind a doe, grunting with its nose to the ground.

• 11/25/93; 7:00 a.m.; Ronnie Hodge, Kennesaw; heading to his stand when he heard deer grunting and bleating; waited for daylight and then saw a buck breed a doe; also saw a 10-pointer, 6-pointer and five other does.

Pulaski Co. • 12/1/92; 7:30 a.m.; Mike Carr, Hawkinsville; 8-point buck was in open cotton field trailing a doe.

Putnam Co. • 10/29/94; 9:00 a.m.; Daryl Bass, Macon, hunting in a cutover and saw tall-tined 8-pointer chase does in the clearcut. 

• 11/2/97; 7:15 a.m.; Jonathan Mason, Conyers; hunting small pines from a ground blind; before daylight heard two bucks fighting; 45 minutes later heard a crash and then saw a doe running and big 8-pointer was chasing her; 60 seconds after shooting the buck, 6-pointer passed by on the same trail of the doe.

• 11/3/93; 7:35 p.m.; John Hardy, Hull; hunting at B.F. Grant WMA when 8-pointer chased does by his climbing stand. “He was in full rut and didn’t care whether I was there or not.”

• 11/5/94; 5:30 p.m.; Robert Law, Powder Springs; hunting Oconee National Forest, shot 9-point buck that was chasing a doe.

• 11/5/97; 10:45 a.m.; Robert Pierce, Atlanta; shot 14-point buck as it followed a doe through a thicket.

• 11/14/97; 5:00 p.m.; Sheila Key, Eatonton; hunting over six-acre food plot, shot 12-pointer (127 B&C) that was chasing a doe; also saw 7-pointer and 8-pointer.

• 11/27/92; 3:00 p.m.; Laura Thomas, Dallas; hunting B.F. Grant WMA; does were being followed by bucks; this buck was grunting as it approached a doe; 8-pointer scored 107 7/8. 

Richmond Co. • 11/1/96; 7:50 a.m.; Kermitt Nicks, Augusta; hunting a 5-year-old clearcut; does ran by acting nervous, buck was trailing close behind and chased the does; 8-pointer that scored 119 B&C.

Rockdale Co. • 10/28/95; 9:15 a.m.; Gene O’Kelley, Conyers; big 9-pointer “had his nose up a doe’s rear end.” 

• 11/21/94; 8:00 a.m.; Rocky Thompson, Stockbridge; shot 11-point buck that was chasing a doe.

Schley Co. • 11/20/93; 5:45 p.m.; Bill St. John, Americus; buck followed a doe out in to a coastal bermuda field.

• 12/1/95; 8:00 a.m.; Barney Dillard, Eustis, Fla.; shot 10-point buck that was trotting behind a doe.

Screven Co. • 11/10/92; 11:15 a.m.; Rena Roberson, Cartersville; buck was fighting another 8-pointer and chasing a doe; shot 8-pointer that scored 112 5/8.

• 11/16/95; 5:30 p.m.; Raymond Colson, Sylvania; doe came by stand, three minutes later 12-point buck came by trailing her.

• 11/28/97; 5:35 p.m.; Alan Scott, Sylvania; hunting over old cutover next to small branch that fed a cypress pond; shot 9-pointer (123 7/8 B&C) that was chasing doe.

• 12/10/93; 8:00 a.m.; Carl Rider, Dallas; hunting bottom in a cutover; saw a doe, then heard a buck grunting behind her; the buck was right behind her; 7-pointer with a 9 2/8-inch tine.

Spalding Co. • 11/10/92; 6:47 a.m.; Dennis Nichols, Griffin; hunting on trophy-managed property looking over a clover food plot; several does were feeding, buck came in and started following one doe; 10-pointer that scored 137 6/8 points.

Stephens Co. • 11/26/94; 8:50 a.m.; Kevin Barrett, Toccoa; 8-point buck came through a swamp chasing a doe.

Sumter Co. • 11/4/96; 6:15 p.m.; Kelli Munn, Cobb; hunting a field of oats, shot 9-pointer when it chased a doe into field while grunting.

• 11/9/96; 6:00 p.m.; Brian Short, Americus; hunting edge of planted pines and hardwood bottom; 4-pointer chased two does; five minutes later a big buck ran up and chased the other deer; Brian blew his grunt call and the buck charged right toward his stand; 15-pointer that scored 159 6/8 B&C.

• 11/15/95; 5:55 p.m.; Ed Munn Jr., Cobb; seven does came into a field planted with oats; 20 minutes later a 13-point buck ran out and chased the does.

• 11/18/97; 5:15 p.m.; Ed Munn Jr., Cobb; walking to stand when he spotted an 8-pointer following a doe.

• 11/18/97; 7:30 a.m.; Keith Edwards, Buena Vista; had seen several bucks chasing does in past days; hunting powerline with planted pines on one side and mixed pine/hardwoods on other; shot 10-point buck (146 6/8) that was following doe. 

• 11/30/97; 5:40 p.m.; Walter Duke, Americus; saw buck chasing a doe across a clearcut; 10-pointer that scored 146 4/8.

Talbot Co. • 10/29/95; 8:15 a.m.; Robert Turner, Butler; 8-pointer was chasing two does.

• 11/28/92; 5:05 p.m; Hal Moore, Marietta; hunting swamp between two hardwood ridges, shot 8-point buck that was chasing a doe.

Taliaferro Co. • 10/31/97; 7:45 a.m.; Jimmy Davis, Cleveland; shot 11-pointer; had seen bucks chasing does several times in the previous days.

• 12/3/94; 3:15 p.m.; Steve Smith, Jefferson; a doe ran out of a pine thicket into a swamp and 8-point buck was chasing her.

Tattnall Co. • 10/21/95; 9:30 a.m.; Tony Oliver, Collins; shot 9-point buck that was running a doe.

Taylor Co. • 11/10/94; 7:30 a.m.; Kerry Moye, Macon; four does ran by and jumped creek in hardwood bottom, then 10-pointer grunted and jumped the creek following the does.

• 11/11/95; 6:10 p.m.; big 8-point buck was crossing open peanut field and its nose was to the ground.

• 11/18/95; 9:30 a.m.; Mike Watson, Butler; 4-pointer came through cutover chasing two does, then 9-pointer came out behind them; after 9-pointer was shot, a 6-pointer came by.

• 11/20/92; 9:30 a.m.; John Carmolingo, Fayetteville; hunting planted pines; saw a doe at 7:00 a.m. being chased by a small buck; shot 8-pointer on same trail at 9:30 a.m.; scored 119 0/8 points.

• 11/20/94; 8:10 a.m.; Kevin Reis, Jonesboro; 8-pointer was following a doe through clearcut.

Telfair Co. • 11/18/95; 8:30 a.m.; George Miller, McRae; sitting in ladder stand overlooking cutover; smaller buck chased a doe, and 12-pointer was behind them.          

• 11/20/97; 7:17 a.m.; hunting old cutover next to peanut field; shot 9-pointer following doe.

• 11/20/94; 8:45 a.m.; Andy Boone, Juliette; 8-point buck crossed beaver pond swamp walking fast with its head down along same trail two does had walked five minutes before.

• 12/9/93; 9:30 a.m.; Ernest Padgett, Jacksonville, Ga.; saw a small doe coming, then heard buck grunting; the buck, a 10-pointer with 8-inch tines, came in following the doe.

Troup Co. • 10/30/94; 5:10 p.m.; Douglas Costley, LaGrange; 10-pointer chased a doe through a clearcut.

• 11/9/96; 8:00 a.m.; Bobby Cox, LaGrange; hunting a hardwood hillside; soon after daylight an 8-point buck ran a doe up a hill, then could hear him chasing does out of sight.

• 11/13/96; 8:40 a.m.; Reid Lynch, LaGrange; hunting in pines with strips of hardwood in front and behind; a 4-pointer chased a doe in laps around his stand, and in the second lap a 10-pointer joined the chase.

• 11/14/93; 8:10 a.m.; Jessie Leopard, Rex; 8-pointer was 20 feet behind a doe as they moved through a thicket.

• 11/14/96; 5:45 p.m.; Bobby Cox, LaGrange; hunting a food plot; two bucks ran into plot, then two does, then a big 10-pointer than ran the other bucks off and chased the does. 

• 11/19/95; 9:15 a.m.; David Kennedy, Fayetteville; saw 10-point buck chasing a doe but couldn’t get a shot; one week later shot the same buck.

• 11/22/93; 7:55 a.m.; Matt Ransone, Newnan; 10-point buck, 4-pointer and spike chased a doe across a food plot in a pine thicket.

Turner Co. • 11/14/94; 5:15 p.m.; David Hardigree, Winder; hunting 1-year-old clearcut, 9-point buck chased a doe, hunter grunted and buck turned and walked back.

• 11/21/95; 4:45 p.m.; William Robby Royal, Ashburn; a doe came out of a thicket acting “very curiously,” and 15 seconds later a 10-point buck appeared with its nose to the ground.

Union Co. • 12/3/92; 9:30 a.m.; Paul Hampel, Dahlonega; hunting Forest Service property, had just blown his grunt call three times and buck came running down a mountain with its nose to the ground; 8-pointer, scored 132 7/8.

Upson Co. • 10/26/96; 8:45 a.m.; D. Mark Wilson, Macon; opening morning, full moon; hunting a hardwood creek bottom, a doe came and “within seconds, a buck grunted. He was moving quickly with his nose straight ahead. No one could believe the size of the buck’s neck this early in the season.” Buck was 8-pointer with 18-inch inside spread.

• 11/2/96; 8:00 a.m.; Darrell Mill, Conyers; hunting a powerline near a hardwood creek bottom; saw three bucks chasing a doe (two big bucks and a 3-pointer) but missed shot at 8-pointer. The next day shot an 11-pointer.

• 11/8/97; 4:50 p.m.; Mike Kelley, Canton; hunting mix of pines and hardwoods; doe ran under stand and 9-point buck was following.

• 11/12/94; 8:45 a.m.; Tom Arnold, Powder Springs; saw a 6-pointer chase a doe in hardwood creek bottom, grunting all the way; then a 7-pointer came by trailing them; 30 minutes later watched another 7-pointer chase a doe.

• 11/30/96; 8:12 a.m.; Mark Garrison, Culloden; hunting a powerline; heard a big crash in the woods and a doe with a buck chasing ran out; 11-pointer, scored 121 B&C.

Walton Co. • 11/2/96; 7:00 a.m.; Wayne Reese, Loganville; drizzling rain and windy; hunting the edge of a food plot; two does walked out in the field then began running as a 10-pointer (132 0/8 B&C) appeared and started chasing them.

• 11/21/93; 8:00 a.m.; Richard Rollins, Snellville; hunting cutover and shot big 8-pointer that was chasing does and grunting.

Ware Co. • 11/2/94; 6:30 a.m.; Lee Stanford, Hiram; saw 8-pointer chasing a doe in a field.

Warren Co. • 11/7/96; 5:00 p.m.; Randy Lee Moss, Alpharetta; hunting a food plot; saw a doe being chased by a spike and a 6-pointer, then a few minutes later another spike ran by grunting every breath; about 10 minutes later a 14-pointer came down the same trail.

Washington Co. • 10/29/94; 7:45 a.m.; James Tanner, Woodstock; 8-pointer was chasing three does, buck was grunting with every step.

• 11/23/97; 8:30 a.m.; David Grimes, Gordon; was heading back to 4-wheeler when 9-point buck chased a doe into a corn field.

• 1/2/93; 8:00 a.m.; Loul Tibbitts, Dallas; shot an 8-point buck that was running a very small doe – “believe it was a yearling that came into heat late.”

Webster Co. • 10/29/95; 8:05 a.m.; Robert Reynolds, Chatsworth; buck was chasing doe, was about to shoot doe when he heard the buck coming.

• 11/6/94; 7:20 a.m.; Jerry Melton, Americus; 10-point buck was trailing a doe with his nose to the ground, ran by and then came back.

Wheeler Co. • 11/12/93; 10:00 a.m.; heard limbs crashing in cutover, shot big 10-pointer that was chasing a doe.

Wilcox Co. • 11/10/95; 10:00 a.m.; Ashley Veal, Hawkinsville; two does trotted out and crossed a firebreak and big 8-pointer was right behind them. 

• 11/13/94; 5:35 p.m.; Reggie Lott Jr., Tifton; doe came down the side of a hill with 10-point buck following right behind her.

• 11/16/96; 8:45 a.m.; Roger Warren, Abbeville; hunting over a food plot; a doe ran in and right behind her was an 8-pointer.

• 11/19/97; 11:30 a.m.; Sidney McWhorter, Rochelle; shot buck that was chasing a doe in a field.

• 11/23/93; 7:50 a.m.; Jerry Hanna, Hawkinsville; big 10-pointer chased nine does out of clearcut into a creek bottom. 

Wilkes Co. • 11/17/95; 5:15 p.m.; Terry White, Rayle; doe came out in an open field “acting funny;” 10 minutes later 11-pointer with 15-inch tines came out and began chasing the doe.

Wilkinson Co. • 10/26/96; 12:50 p.m.; Crystal Bryant, Resaca; at 9:45 a.m. she saw a doe feeding along the edge of a cutover, then heard a grunt and saw a buck trotting toward the doe with its head down; at 12:50 p.m. a doe came running by and she heard grunting and saw another buck trotting to the doe.

• 11/13/95; 9:30 a.m.; Raymond Hedden, Hawkinsville; 8-pointer was trying to mount a doe.

• 11/19/93; 8:00 a.m.; James King, Dublin; watched doe for 20 minutes in a hardwood swamp when 6-pointer came up following her trail, then big 8-pointer came in.

Worth Co. • 11/18/94; 8:30 a.m.; Kim Turner, Omega; 8-point buck came out in planted pines trailing three does.

• 11/24/93; 9:30 a.m.; Shane Calhoun, Sylvester; shot big 10-pointer that was chasing does.


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