Bowhunter Takes 515 Pound Bear In Gilmer County

Danny Hall's bear should make the all-time records as one of Georgia's biggest.

Brad Gill | September 14, 2018

Danny Hall, of Ellijay, said it took seven people to drag his 515-lb. Gilmer County bow bear just 30 yards to the Polaris.

“And then we liked to have never got it in the back of the Polarius,” said Danny.

Danny, a professional bass tournament angler who has appeared in GON numerous times, took the once-in-lifetime bear on Sept. 10 on a piece of private land.

“It rained all afternoon,” said Danny. “I had about 30 minutes left, and I heard something behind me, and about that time I saw a doe come out in front of me, and she went up the hill.

“It wasn’t five minutes later, and I heard something behind me, and I turned around and couldn’t see a thing. I turned back around where the doe was at, and there the bear stood like it just appeared. I couldn’t see but the upper-third part of his body, but he was pointed up the hill like he was going to leave there. I made a quick shot, and I saw the arrow hit the mark. It would have been a 12 ring if we’d been shooting 3D.

“He didn’t run 30 yards and pile up. That’s a blessing I guarantee because there was a hole he was fixing to run into.”

Danny is talking with a local sporting goods store about having a full-body mount of the giant bear on display.

“I measured it, and I think it’s going to go Boone and Crockett. With the skin still on, it scored 24 inches,” said Danny.

To make the All-Time Boone & Crockett list for black bear, the skull must measure 21 inches.

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  1. maco_outdoors on October 11, 2018 at 9:10 am

    That comment is a good reason for hunters to take part in the bear meetings next week.

  2. tacka667 on September 19, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    As a resident of Walnut Mountain this is Very Upsetting to Us!!! This Bear has been known to Us for Many Years as “Jack” He has been a docile Bear and fathered many cubs in our area bringing lots of joy and beauty to our Natural habitat. Why in this World is this sort of Killing even Allowed By Law???? I don’t understand if this mans life wasn’t threatened in anyway why would he be allowed to take “Jacks” life at all ??? He took the Bears life for nothing other than Name recognition and for a trophy. “ Jack” did no harm and there should be some sort of consequence for these actions not rewards. I am not some sort of activist trying to raise a stink, just a concerned resident/citizen of Ellijay and Love being able to to enjoy the Beautiful Nature it Bestowes. We Forever Miss “Jack” and What he Meant to Our Mountain ?

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