Booner-Class Buck From Hart County

Nic Fowler's buck will be the new No. 2 of all-time for this northeast Georgia county.

Simone Gibson | November 16, 2018

On Nov. 9, Nic Fowler, of Hartwell, helped put Hart County back on the big-buck map after killing a 10-pointer that will be the new No. 2 buck of all-time from the county. Carried by super long tines and great mass, the unofficial gross green score was reported to be in the mid 170s. After side-to-side deductions, the net score looks to be in the upper 160s to possibly 170, at least close to the minimum of 170 for Boone & Crockett typical whitetails.

Nic began hunting the deer in 2016 after capturing it on trail camera as an 8-pointer. In 2017, it had grown into a 9-pointer, and this year it grew into a very tall-tined, wide-racked 10-pointer.

On the afternoon of Nov. 9, Nic couldn’t even make it to this deer stand before seeing his dream buck. The buck was chasing five does along the trail Nic was using to access his hunting area.

“When I saw him, I put my gun up to shoot him, but I got nervous,” said Nic. “I wanted to make a good shot.”

After a second to collect himself, Nic took a deep breath.

“He was still running. When I came back up looking through scope, the crosshairs came up his leg and got to his heart, and I squeezed the trigger. I knew I made a good shot.

“I knew I should wait, but I couldn’t stand it. I found some blood, and I found him lying there about 30 yards from where I shot him,” said Nic.

Nic was absolutely ecstatic to have killed the buck he had been hunting for the last three seasons.

“Talk about pumped up. I couldn’t even talk,” said Nic.

Nic said his taxidermist looked at the bucks’ jawbone and said he thought he was 6 1/2 years old.

“I’m going to send a tooth off to get it aged for sure,” Nic. “I’d love to know.”

The top deer from Hart County will be a hard one to beat. Kenton Adams has that spot with a buck he killed in 1986 that netted 184 0/8 typical inches. The current No. 2 deer was taken in 1987 by Larry Richardson, a deer that scores 155 5/8 inches.

“I just wanted to get him in there for my county because deer like this don’t come from Hart County,” said Nic.

Hart County’s most recent Top-10 entry in GON’s County-by-County rankings was in 2015 when Bryant Tipton killed what’s now the current No. 9 buck, and it scored 141 3/8 inches.

“It’s time to put Hart County back on the map,” said Nic.

Nic’s buck will certainly do that. It’s one of the best bucks from northeast Georgia in years.

The buck was not eligible for the Truck-Buck contest because Nic was not a subscriber to GON magazine at least one day prior to killing the buck. However, Nic made it a point to recently start his GON subscription just in case another giant walks out.

UPDATE: Nic Fowler’s Hart County buck was measured by an official B&C scorer with a net score of 172 0/8.

Hart County Best Bucks Of All-Time

1184 Kenton Adams1986HartGunView 
2172 Nic Fowler2018HartGunView 
3163 2/8 Brady Vaughn2021HartGunView 
4155 5/8 Larry Richardson1987HartGun
5155 John Vickery1999HartGun
6151 7/8 Chip Pearson1995HartGun
7151 Fred McCall1994HartGun
8150 3/8 Bryant Tipton2010HartGunView 
9147 7/8 Cody Dalton2020HartGunView 
10146 5/8 Joe Schofield2023HartBowView 



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  1. Traps on November 16, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Imagine how big it would be if he was behind it a bit further… Or if the camera was lower…

    • bullhorn1 on November 16, 2018 at 11:38 am

      Jay buck

      a lot of good bucks being taken in Ga. here in the last few years!!
      GO DAWGS

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