Bailey Combs Tagged Out With Second Cherokee Bow-Kill

"Full Count" and "Bases Loaded" will soon reunite on Bailey's wall.

GON Staff | November 27, 2021

Bailey Combs, of Smyrna, was able to connect on his second giant bow-kill of the 2021 season after taking down a buck nicknamed “Bases Loaded” last week in Cherokee County. Bailey’s first bow-kill came on the opening day of bow season. That buck was named “Full Count” and grosses around 160 inches. Bailey is a former pitcher for the Georgia Tech baseball team.

For the past few seasons, Bailey watched his cameras while Bases Loaded and Full Count stayed side by side throughout early season, rut and late season. Bailey knew this was unusual for two mature bucks.

“I just continued to feed 4S Wildlife Solution, it was a goal to see how big they could get,” said Bailey.

After Bailey shot Full Count in September, Bases Loaded was nowhere to be seen for quite some time. Then he only appeared at night. The buck finally fell into a pattern that Bailey recognized. 

“He had a two-day pattern. He would do the same thing, at the same time, two days in a row,” said Bailey, “Then on the third day, he would do something different.”

The monster buck finally made a mistake of showing up in shooting light, giving Bailey the opportunity to make it to his stand the next day in hopes he would be there at the same time.

Before daylight, Bailey headed to his Millennium Lock-on stand and the much-anticipated wait began.

“I was hunting close to where I thought he was bedding,” said Bailey. “I started seeing tons of deer, does and young bucks chasing.”

As the morning rolled on, the deer slowly stopped moving so Bailey decided to give it a rest and hang his bow up.

“Not even five minutes after I heard him coming in,” said Bailey. “He came right underneath my stand.”

Even from a steep angle, Bailey was able to draw back his Mathews VXR and make the perfect broadside shot. 

After a short, 40-yard run, the buck piled up.

Bailey Combs with Bases Loaded.

“I’ve never seen two bucks stay together as much as these two did. I’m glad they get to stay together on my wall,” said Bailey.

Bases Loaded was gross scored as a typical, main-frame 12-point at 151 inches.

Cherokee County Best Bucks Of All-Time

Rank Score Name Year County Method Photo
1 178 2/8 (NT) Chad McCook 2007 Cherokee Bow View 
2 172 2/8 (NT) Jeromy Loftin 2015 Cherokee Bow View 
3 142 Scott Cochran 2020 Cherokee Bow View 
4 141 2/8 Matt Wilson 2021 Cherokee Bow View 
5 139 5/8 Rick Ortwein 2019 Cherokee Bow
6 139 2/8 Rick Strickland 2013 Cherokee Bow
7 137 4/8 Blake Hamby 2016 Cherokee Bow View 
8 133 1/8 Blake Hamby 2020 Cherokee Bow View 
9 132 2/8 Jay Beavers 2002 Cherokee Bow
10 130 7/8 Cody Johnson 2021 Cherokee Bow View 

Bailey Combs, of Smryna, with Full Count that he took on opening day of bow season.

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