Awesome 8-Point From Rum Creek WMA

GON Staff | December 20, 2023

Jarred Wilcox with the huge 8-point buck he killed during the Rum Creek WMA quota hunt in November of 2023.

GON has already reported on a Dawson Forest WMA buck killed this season that might set a new record for that WMA. There’s another WMA buck that’s going to sit at or at least near the top once it is officially scored after the 60-day drying period. Rum Creek WMA produced a huge 8-pointer for first-time WMA hunter Jarred Wilcox.

Rum Creek WMA encompasses 5,884 acres along Georgia Power’s Lake Juliette in Monroe County.

“I wasn’t aware that WMAs had bonus hunts and all the other opportunities for hunters,” Jarred said. “I applied a couple months back for the Rum Creek hunt and was surprised when I got the email that I had been selected! So I began asking around to some coworkers that had also had the opportunity to previously hunt Rum Creek. Derek Fuller was my go-to and told me about different areas to try, so I got my game plan together and loaded up my truck.

“I went the night before my hunt and camped in my truck at the check in station wanting to get a jump on the other hunters. I called Derek that night, and he prayed for me to get a good buck, and little did I know God would show out. I got up that morning and headed toward a spot I had marked. I got in right before the sun came up and climbed a good pine and got prepared. I hit some grunt calls and waited. Ten minutes go by, and I see a doe running in my direction. She stops and looks back, and she was looking at the buck of a lifetime!”

Jarred said the buck was hot for that doe and on a mission.

“I had to yell to get him to stop. I pulled the trigger and dropped him like a rock! Man was I shaking! I thanked God and then I got down and headed to my harvest and realized the shear size of this Awesome 8. The easy part was over as I was 730 yards from my truck and at the bottom of a hill with a challenging drag ahead of me. After a couple hours I was wore out, but I made it to the check station. I was very glad for the opportunity the state offers for hunters who might not have a hunting club or land to hunt. I encourage all hunters to apply for a WMA hunt and try something new!”

According to GON’s Georgia Deer Records, the current record buck for Rum Creek WMA netted 144 even. It was taken by Tracey Johnson in 2005 and earned Tracey a spot in that year’s Truck-Buck Shoot-Out. UPDATE: Jarred Wilcox’s 8-point netted 141 5/8 and now ranks as the No. 2 buck of all-time from Rum Creek WMA.

After his harvest of the big 8-point buck, WRD staff from Rum Creek shared trail-camera photos of the deer.

Rum Creek WMA Best Bucks Of All-Time

1144 Tracey Johnson2005MonroeGunView 
2141 5/8 Jarred Wilcox2023MonroeGunView 
3140 3/8 Tyler Hardin2019MonroeGun
4138 Jimmy Marshall2004MonroeGun
5137 2/8 Chris Harrell2014MonroeGun
6133 5/8 Jimmy Cantrell1997MonroeGun
7129 6/8 Charles Vann2012MonroeGunView 
8139 1/8 (NT)David Billiter1999MonroeBow
9121 2/8 Steve Hendricks2009MonroeGun
10120 5/8 Bruce Keever2011MonroeGun


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