Amazing Photo From Worth County

GON Staff | May 7, 2001

Before dawn last archery season, Luis Izquierdo was on the way to his bow stand at Misty Oaks Plantation in Worth County when he stumbled across an amazing scene. While jumping a barbed-wire fence separating two fields, a doe had caught one hoof between the top two strands, which twisted together and trapped the deerʼs leg. This is not rare, but most of the deer that are found like this are already dead from starvation or exhaustion. In Luisʼs case, the doe was still alive.

“I was walking down the fence line in the dark, carrying my bow, and this deer stood up right in front of me,” said Luis, who is from Pine- crest, Fla. “I didnʼt know what was going on at first.” At the sight of the hunter, the doe tried again to pull its leg free. Luis went quickly back to his truck for a pair of wire cutters, and he also grabbed his camera, knowing that it would be tough to get anyone to believe what he had seen or done without proof. Returning to the deer, he snapped a photo of the scene then climbed to the other side of the fence.

“When I clipped the wire she piled up on the ground,” Luis said. “She stayed there for about 15 seconds trying to figure out what was happening, then she exploded out of there.”

Though looking at this photo is enough to make your leg ache, Luis said the doe ran off with no problem, and it did not appear that the deerʼs leg was broken or injured.

Despite what you might guess, this doe escaped with no injuries that were apparent.

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