A Dream Deer Hunt With Woods-N-Water

Last year's youth Shoot-Out winner scores again with a trophy buck at Woods-N-Water.

Brad Gill | November 23, 2010

Grayson York, of Martin, killed this nice 8-pointer on his dream trip with Woods-N-Water. In the photo are (from left) Woods-N-Water President Blaine Burley, Grayson and Woods-N-Water hunting guide Virgil Peritts.

It truly was a dream trip for Grayson York, of Martin. The 10-year-old was the 2009 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest winner, and in late October he cashed in on his grand prize, a dream deer hunt with Woods-N-Water in Johnson County.

Blaine Burley, of Wrightsville, has been president of Woods-N-Water for 15 years. Blaine has a genuine interest in seeing kids hunting. He’s got three kids of his own, and his hope is they’ll be able to experience a lifetime of deer hunting. Blaine’s love for kids and hunting is one reason he jumped at the opportunity to sponsor GON’s 2009 SEEDS Big-Buck Contest.

Grayson and his dad Bart hunted with Woods-N-Water on Oct. 22-24, 2010. Grayson had obligations on other weekends, and the only weekend close to the rut that he could hunt fell on a full moon and hot temperatures.

“When we first got there, Blaine said, ‘The deer ain’t moving. This full moon has them locked down,’” said Bart. “I’ve been with so many different outfitters over the years, and I can pick out someone who’s trying to tell me what I want to hear versus what’s really going on. Blaine is fair and honest.”

It wasn’t until just after daylight on the last morning’s hunt that Grayson connected on his big buck. The evening before Grayson had spent time with several other boys playing football and sitting around the firepit. He didn’t get in bed until after midnight.

“We got to the buddy stand, and in a few minutes he was sound asleep,” said Bart. “At 7:15, I saw a gray patch go through a thicket, and right after that the deer came out on a logging road 85 yards away. It turned right, coming right at us.

“Grayson wasn’t just dozing. He fell off in one of those slobbering, jerking kinds of sleeps. When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was.”

With the buck coming straight at the stand, Bart shook Grayson awake.

“From the time it was 85 yards until the time he shot it, I was steadily trying to wake him up,” said Bart. “When he shot that deer, it was at 9 yards, right in front of the stand.”

After the kill, Blaine interviewed Grayson for “Tecomate Whitetail Nation,” a hunting show that will appear on the Outdoor Channel in 2011.

“We got a real good interview,” said Blaine. “I think he might be a hunt-show celebrity one day. He’s a heck of a hunter. For his age I was impressed with his overall hunting knowledge.”

Woods-N-Water is back on board as the 2010 SEEDS Big Buck Contest sponsor. Don’t let your kid miss a chance to win a dream trip with Woods-N-Water next November.

“Grayson came away from that place feeling like he made some friends,” said Bart. “Grayson made real good friends with (hunting guide) Virgil. Even if he hadn’t killed anything, it would have been a great trip for him.”

To book your dream hunting or fishing trip with Woods-N-Water, call Blaine at (888) MAX-GAME. Check him out on his website at <>.

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