180-Inch Buck Killed In Meriwether County

Opening day of gun season yields a special Georgia buck for Andy Womack.

Simone Gibson | October 25, 2018

On the evening of Oct. 20, Andy Womack, of Acworth, killed a 17-point buck that has been taped with a gross score of 183 inches. Andy was hunting on a club in Meriwether County when he shot the amazing buck.

It was opening-day afternoon of gun season, and Andy and his son were hunting a box stand located between two food plots. Andy kept an eye on one food plot, while his son looked over the other one. There was a fresh scrape line in the plot that Andy was watching.

The area was hot with activity, with 11 does showing up before Andy’s 180-inch bruiser made an appearance.

Andy Womack with his Meriwether County 17-point buck that was green-scored at just above 180 total inches.

“Right before dusk, I looked down in the food plot and saw what I thought was deer,” said Andy. “I nudged my son to get the binoculars, so we could get a closer look.”

After getting a zoomed-in look at the deer, he realized it was a giant buck, a deer that several of his club members had seen on trail camera.

“After he got done making a scrape, the buck ran out across the food plot,” said Andy. “We watched him for a few minutes, and when the buck turned, I took my shot.”

The buck took off but piled up 75 yards away in a thicket.

“He was heavy,” said Andy. “I had the (members of) hunting club I was with help pull him out because he was a big boy.”

Unfortunately, Andy’s buck will not be entered into GON‘s Truck-Buck contest because he was not a magazine subscriber at the time. Andy did, however, sign up for a yearly subscription after killing his buck. You know this buck has spread those awesome genes in that part of Meriwether County, so maybe Andy’s next buck will put him in the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out.


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