158-inch Bartow County Bow-Kill Tags Out Lady Hunter

Brad Gill | November 5, 2019

Tiffany Miller, of Plainville, had the hunt of lifetime in Bartow County on Oct. 24. She killed the best two bucks of her hunting career, one of which grossed 158 inches.

“Me and my husband build cabinets, so it gives us a little play with our hunting time,” said Tiffany.

Prior to Oct. 24, Tiffany’s husband had seen a 115-inch deer, and he decided to pass on the 10-pointer. However, Tiffany thought she might make that deer a target buck with her bow.

“He took a video of him, and I decided I loved the way he looked, so my husband let me start hunting that stand to try and get the 10 myself,” said Tiffany.

It was Tiffany’s fifth time in three days hunting that stand before the 10-pointer showed up and gave her a shot.

“About 5:30, I saw horns coming through the privet, and I could tell it was a nice deer,” said Tiffany. “I saw he was my 10-pointer. There is a really big oak tree, so when he got behind the oak tree, I got my bow down, drew back, and he stepped out on the other side at 28 yards. He stopped perfect for me, and I shot him. I saw him fall twice before he got out of sight, so I was pretty positive I had a really good shot.”

At this particular moment in time, it was Tiffany’s biggest buck ever taken with bow or gun.

“I texted my husband. He was hunting on the other side of the farm,” said Tiffany. “They were moving real good that day, and he wanted to sit until dark. So I started recording on my phone the does that were coming in. About 40 minutes later, I saw horns coming through the privet, and I thought it was my 10 coming back and I thought, ‘I must have made a bad shot. I thought I made a great shot.'”

Tiffany quickly realized this buck was a much larger deer than the 10-pointer she had already shot.

“When he stepped out of the privet, I realized he was most definitely not my 10. It was a giant deer,” said Tiffany.

“I got a little buck fever. I started shaking… the anxiety. He stepped behind that same big oak tree, and I just closed my eyes and said a little prayer. He stepped out on the opposite side of the oak tree, the exact same spot as the 10, and I shot him at 28 yards. He crashed 50 yards from my stand.”

Tiffany was not a GON subscriber at the time and can’t enter her deer into the Truck-Buck contest. However, she is having it officially scored, and it will be included in GON‘s County-By-County Big-Buck Rankings. Below is the current top-10 bow-kills for Bartow County.

Bartow County Top Bucks Of All-Time

1151 5/8 George Brock1990BartowGun
2148 7/8 Steve Franklin1987BartowGun
3147 6/8 Stanley Manus1989BartowGunView 
4167 1/8 (NT)Kenny Lowery2018BartowGunView 
5145 2/8 Brian Ezell2016BartowGunView 
6144 3/8 Lavan McDaniel1994BartowGun
7144 2/8 Tim Burns2021BartowGunView 
8144 Byron Young2018BartowGunView 
9142 4/8 Randy Huskins2013BartowGunView 
10140 7/8 Ross Chewning2011BartowGunView 

An more in-depth interview with Tiffany will appear later on the GON Outdoors Podcast.

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