12 Bears Taken On Middle Georgia Hunt

John Trussell | January 8, 2016

WRD Senior Wildlife Biologist Bobby Bond called it right. He said with record warm temperatures pushing 80 degrees, the bears would be on the move and a high harvest might occur. Bobby nailed it. For middle Georgia’s annual one-day bear hunt, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 13, there were 12 bears checked in. This hunt continues to be hosted on private lands in Bibb, Twiggs and Houston counties, with no bear hunting allowed in Oaky Woods or Ocmulgee WMAs.

The one-day bear hunt on private lands started in November 2011, and 34 bears were taken from a population estimated at around 300 bears. In 2012, 14 bears were killed, and in 2013, just one bear was taken when the weather was rainy and cold. In 2014, five bears were killed.

Currently, the middle Georgia population is estimated at 228. DNR will re-evaluate the middle Georgia bear management plan in the next round of public hearings.

The next middle Georgia bear hunt is set for Dec. 10, 2016. This is a great opportunity for middle Georgia hunters to participate in a great bear hunting experience!

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