Waycross Company Selling Shirts For Aaron Martens Family

As pro bass angler Aaron Martens fights cancer, a GON subscriber steps up to help.

Craig James | May 6, 2020

When longtime GON subscriber Danny Bennett learned professional bass angler Aaron Martens was battling cancer, something stirred deep in his heart, and he knew he had to do something to help. Aaron has undergone two surgeries to remove brain tumors. Danny, who owns Huckleberry Apparel in Waycross, immediately picked up the phone and called friend and TV fishing personality Hank Parker to get the wheels rolling on a huge undertaking in an effort to show love and support for Aaron.

“I’ve always tried to use my business to help others in need whenever I can. It’s what God calls us to do. It’s our purpose in life. I knew Hank Parker lives by the same set of beliefs, and that’s why he was my first call. I told him about my plans to do a T-shirt fundraiser for Aaron and his family, and Hank was excited about jumping on board to help,” Danny said

The fundraiser is set to run through May 18 and is being conducted on There are four different styles of shirts for sale, and all profits from the shirts will go directly to Aaron and his family.

There are four different styles of shirts for sale, and all profits from the shirts will go directly to Aaron and his family.

“With the shirts only being on sale a few days, we already have orders pouring in from across the country. Literally North, South, East, West, people from all across America are showing love and support for Aaron during this difficult time,” said Danny.

Before his second surgery Aaron posted the video below on his Facebook page.

GON reached out to Hank Parker for comment, and he had this to say about the ongoing effort to help Aaron.

“As fishermen, we’re a family, and families take care of each other. When Danny asked me to help spread the word about what Huckleberry Apparel was doing, I was excited to get the chance to help the Martens family in their time of need. The money being raised is really great and will help his family, but the show of support lets him know we’re here for him during this dark time, and we have his back. We’re gonna help him beat this thing,” said Hank.

Danny, who stands strong in his Christian faith, wanted to share some Bible scripture with GON readers.

“Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust in the Lord. I’ve modeled my business after that verse. If you ride by my business, you will see that verse up on the wall. Just like in this situation, we don’t know what God is at work doing, but we’re going to trust Him in it.”

“Philippians 2:3 is another verse I try to live by daily. In it, God tells us to consider other’s needs, to put them first. I tell my daughters all the time that you haven’t truly lived if you haven’t put others in front of yourself.”

Danny and his staff are working hard to fill and ship orders, and despite being a hometown proud store, they have the equipment and latest technology capable of producing more than 1,000 shirts an hour to help keep up with high demand.

“I’m in the back helping print shirts, it’s all hands on deck. We’re here for Aaron, his wife and children. We will stay late, come in early, whatever we have to do. We’re gonna help him beat this,” said Danny.

Danny and his staff are working hard to fill and ship the Aaron Martens T-shirt orders.

As of press time, several other pro anglers have stepped up to help get the word out, including Hank’s longtime friends Bill Dance and Shaw Grigsby.

Shaw, who just had a portion of his kidney removed due to his own battle with cancer, had this to say when GON reached out for comment.

“You never know when it’s going to be you. I’m doing a lot better, they managed to remove my cancer completely, and I’m on the mend. Now it’s time we get in Aaron’s corner and help him fight. There is no family like the fishing community, and we need to show it,” said Shaw.

If you would like to support Aaron and his family through this fundraiser, go to

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