Classroom Program Produces Trout For Chattahoochee River

Trout In The Classroom is a program where students raise trout from eggs and learn about conservation.

Press Release | March 10, 2022

The Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited just concluded the latest Trout in the Classroom trout release for schools in the Atlanta area. This event was held by Mabry Middle School in Marietta. Participants included science class sixth and seventh graders along with their teachers and Trout Unlimited volunteers. The release was held at Jones Bridge Unit at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in Johns Creek.

Mabry Middle School students raised rainbow trout from eggs to fingerlings. A total of 90 very healthy rainbow trout were released into the Chattahoochee River.

Trout in the Classroom is an environmental education program in which students:
● Raise trout from eggs to fingerling size fish.
● Monitor tank water quality.
● Learn to appreciate water resources.
● Begin to foster a conservation ethic.
● Grow to understand ecosystems.
This program not only teaches students the value of environmental conservation, but also highlights benefits to our local cold-water streams from healthy aquatic life. The local Trout Unlimited chapter also exhibited healthy and unhealthy stream conditions, water quality analysis and insect lifecycles. There were casting demonstrations and conservation discussions to provide a fun educational experience for the students.

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The trout release culminated weeks of work by these students who raised rainbow trout from eggs to fingerlings. A total of 90 very healthy rainbow trout were released to the Chattahoochee River. For more information, contact UCCTU’s Trout in the Classroom Coordinator Jim Byrd at 404.867.0632.
Additional information on TIC is available at:

DateEventLocationContact No.
3/26Give It A Shot ArcheryWalton Co. Archery Range470.306.8296
3/26Kids Fishing EventDougherty Co., Marine Corps Base229.343.2079
3/26Kids Fishing EventDougherty Co., Chehaw Park229.430.5275
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4/02Kids Fishing EventTerrell Co., Breedlove Pond229.343.1491
4/09Kids Fishing EventMcDuffie Co. PFA706.699.1370
4/09Youth Archery ExperienceBryan Co., Richmond Hill Shooting Range706.319.6286
4/16Give It A Shot SkeetJasper Co., Clybel Shooting Range706.319.6271
4/20Kids Fishing EventChattahoochee County, Fort Benning, Russ Park706.545.7978
4/22 - 4/2430-30 Ministries Bowfishing CampRussell, Clarks
4/23Give It A Shot RifleBryan Co., Richmond Hill Shooting Range706.319.6286
4/23Kids Fishing EventJasper Co., Marben PFA470.259.7269
4/23Kids Fishing EventHenry Co., Nash Farm Park770.288.7300
4/24Give It A Shot ArcheryJasper Co., Clybel Shooting Range706.319.6271
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4/30Kids Fishing EventUpson Co., Greatest Generation Memorial Park706.741.1021

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