Savannah River Record Bass Weighs 15 Pounds

GON Staff | May 20, 2010

Bass fishing on the lower end of the Savannah River has been “pretty good,” said fisherman Mike Stille of Eden — in a classic bit of fish-catching understatement.

On Nov. 6, 1999, Mike was fishing the Savannah River near the Clyo Landing in Effingham County and was chunking a Zoom plastic worm. Mike fishes for bass on the river regularly with the Southeast Georgia Fishing Team.

“We have been catching quite a few good bass in the 7- to 10-lb. range,” said Mike.

The bass that picked up the plastic worm that day was a good bit bigger.

The monster bigmouth, placed on certified scales, weighed 15 pounds even. It is the heaviest largemouth on record from the Savannah River and at the time it was caught ranked in a tie as the 19th heaviest Georgia bass ever caught, according to GON’s official records.

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