New Fish Homes Deployed On Lake Allatoona

Collective effort places 15 Georgia Cube fish-attractors into north Georgia reservoir.

Press Release | March 6, 2022

Seven members of the E3 Bassmasters bass club, along with Jackson Sibley and Collin George of WRD Fisheries, spent Saturday, Feb. 5 making and deploying fish habitat on north Georgia’s Lake Allatoona. The project was supported by the Lake Allatoona US Army Corps of Engineers.

“The purpose of the project was to assemble and deploy winter fish habitat (Georgia Cubes) at Lake Allatoona,” said Brendan Smith with E3 Bassmasters. “The Georgia Cubes will create winter cover for many types of fish. The goal is to establish better cover in wintering depths to support the ongoing shoreline aquatic plant habitats. These efforts are to help support the largemouth fishery for Lake Allatoona.”

Fifteen Georgia Cubes were assembled and deployed. Georgia WRD supplied the materials and the deployment boat for the cubes. The wintering habitat locations were determined with input from the E3 Bassmasters.

The 15 spots, along with a number of other fish-attractor spots, are marked on the WRD website.

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