May 2006 Rabunite Ramble

The Ole Rabunite | May 1, 2006

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To add to the enjoyment of a day on the stream with a fishing companion, you can “score” each other’s falls (note: a lone angler is neither capable nor qualified to score his own falls).  Falls are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 points. The angler with the lowest total score at the end of the day wins.  So even if you’re ahead in points toward the end of a day, don’t give up hope. Some of the highest scores are earned when an angler attempts to exit the stream after dark. I know — I’ve done it many times.

1pts Down on one knee; or one hand; or stepping off a ledge to bellybutton deep.
2 pts Down on both knees; or one knee plus one hand.
3 pts Down on both knees plus one hand; or two hands and one knee.
4 pts Down on all fours; or one side up to shoulder; slipping off a ledge neck deep.
5 pts Down on one side to neck deep.
6 pts Down on the butt to neck deep.
7 pts Down to neck deep with a roll of 90 degrees or more.
8 pts Face down and comes up spitting water.
9 pts Top of head goes under.

Perfect 10 pts

Top of head goes under with the loss of hat and/or glasses.

 When to Award Extra Points:
1 point if angler has a wading staff.
1 point on extra duration, double dipping, or washing downstream five or more yards.
1 point on style if angler displays fancy break-dancing steps and the hand motions of a high-wire walker before going down.
1 point each if water and/or air temperature is under 50 degrees.
1 point if THE FALL is witnessed by one or more total strangers.
1 point if angler has a trout on.
1 point if angler has to stop and empty his waders before continuing to fish or walk back to the vehicle.
1 point if angler loses his fishing rod.
1 point if angler does not see the humor in it all.

 When to Deduct Points:
-1 point each if water and/or air temperature over 60 degrees.
-2 points if the angler shouts an expletive when he slips (but BEFORE going down), so his partner can enjoy the entire event.
-2 points if the angler eventually lands the trout on.
-1 point if angler laughs it off.

Trout fishing is about relaxing and having fun in beautiful environs. Enjoy yourself when you’re  alone or when sharing your solitude with family or a good friend. Take a kid fishing.

“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”
Henry David Thoreau

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