Lucas Lake Opens At Last

After a 10-year delay, Lucas Lake, aka Town Creek Reservoir, a 625-acre Jones County impoundment, has opened to public fishing.

GON Staff | April 9, 2005

At long last, the Macon Water Authority (MWA) has opened Javors Lucas Lake, its 625-acre water-supply reservoir, to public fishing.

At its March 3 meeting the MWA approved opening the lake seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The lake, which was constructed in the early 1990s, had previously been open to the public only on several Saturdays during the summer of 2004. Prior to that, only MWA employees were allowed to fish. The MWA cited security reasons for banning the public from the lake even though many county water-supply lakes across the state allow public fishing.

The lake was scheduled to open on Monday, March 28, 2005.

“We picked Monday to open so we could see how things go before the first Saturday,” said MWA Executive Director Tony Rojas. “Everybody in America may show up on the first weekend.”

A parking fee of $5 per vehicle will be charged. Vehicles pulling a boat will be assessed a $10 fee. The lake has been designated trolling-motor only. Boats with gas engines will not be allowed on the property.

Boats will be limited to two persons, and each person is limited to no more than two rods. The regulations exclude two parents or adults from taking a child fishing in the boat. The reason for the two-person restriction is safety concerns, according to Rojas.

Current Fishing Rules & Regs For Javors Lucas Lake

The MWA has set creel limits at half the state limits. The largemouth bass limit is five with a minimum of 14 inches, and only one fish over 22-inches may be kept each day.

“We would like to encourage catch-and-release of the big bass,” said Rojas.

The bream limit is 15 per day, the catfish limit is 10. The striped bass, hybrid bass limit is two per day and both must be at least 22 inches in length.

The MWA, however, has no legal authority to set fishing regulations. That authority is held exclusively by the state. In meetings held with the MWA the week before the lake was scheduled to open, DNR Law Enforcement recommended that the lake be operated under state regulations.

“The Authority may decide to make changes later,” said Rojas.

Initial plans also call for the lake to be closed during December, January and February.

Directions: From I-75: In Macon, take I-16 east. Take the first exit (US 129 & SR 22) and turn left at light. At the fourth traffic light, turn left on Shurling Drive. Go one block and turn right on Clinton Road at stop sign. Bear to the left onto Upper River Road at the high-school football field. Continue on Upper River Road into Jones County for approximately six miles. Turn left on Broach Lane (the third road off Upper River Road once you enter Jones County). The entrance to the fishing area is at the end of Broach Lane.

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