Hard Labor Reservoir Hosts Total Electric Championship

Merrick McClure | May 3, 2019

The 2019 Georgia Bass TEC (Total Electric Championship) bass fishing tournament was recently hosted at Hard Labor Creek Reservoir and was made up of qualifying teams from five of the best electric-only bass fishing clubs in the state. Hard Labor Creek Reservoir is a 1,370-acre regional reservoir serving Walton and Oconee County residents.

These electric-only tournaments have really been gaining in popularity over the last few years. When you hear about bass tournament fishing, you typically think of 21-foot fiberglass boats powered with large gasoline motors. These bass boats go at high rates of speed with the company of other boaters enjoying their time on the public waters kicking some wakes.

However, thanks to our local, state and federal administrators, planning began 30-plus years ago to create the reserve capability to meet our future water supply demands throughout Georgia by constructing water supply reservoirs. Who would have thought that planning for our water supply demands would also lead to a new form of bass fishing by use of electric motors only?

The rise in competitive anglers in Georgia have reached a new level by taking a green approach by running electric propulsion. The pace of these electric-only bodies of water have boats cruising comfortably around 10 miles per hour or less with significantly less boating traffic than you see on the larger reservoirs.

Here are the results from our 2019 Georgia Bass – TEC (Total Electric Championship).

1. Mike Strickland & Chris Gayton, Small Water Angler Teams, 20.34 pounds, $1,000
2. Tim Wyatt & Aaron Cole, Electric Bass Opens, 19.93 pounds, $600
3. Blake Yarter & Jay Yarter, Dixie Jon Boat Anglers, 17.14 pounds, $400
4. Michael Geiger & Randy Moore, Electric Bass Opens, 15.82 pounds
5. John Long & Jack Butler, Dixie Jon Boat Anglers, 14.00 pounds

The 2019 Georgia Bass – TEC consisted of 20 electric teams, the top four teams from five clubs in the state. Below are the team results.
2019 Georgia Bass – TEC Dixie Athens Painting & Pressure Washing Club Champions
1. Electric Bass Opens, 50.30 pounds, $1,000
2. Small Water Angler Teams, 46.82 pounds
3. Dixie Jon Boat Anglers, 41.64 pounds
4. High Voltage Bass Anglers, 39.41 pounds

5. Xtreme Jon Boat Anglers, 32.04 pounds

From all of the electric-only clubs across Georgia, we would like to thank all of the sponsors and partners that supported the first event. Our 2019 seasons are well underway, and hard work and perseverance will determine who will represent the 2020 Georgia Bass – TEC, which has been planned for May 2020. Make sure to check out our Facebook page to keep up with the best electric anglers in the state. We conduct interviews through our Facebook page and share some great information for anglers.

If you are interested in the electric boating world, check out Decked Out Jon Boats on their Facebook and YouTube channel for great details on creating your own highly modified electric rig.

First place, Mike Strickland and Chris Gayton, Small Water Angler Teams.

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