Lake Tobesofkee

Lake Tobesofkee is a small 1,800-acre reservoir located on Tobesofkee Creek in Bibb County just outside of Macon. When the weather warms, Tobesofkee is a busy little lake, and fishing can be frustrating on weekends. Night fishing for bass is very good in the summer months. The lake is owned and operated by the city of Macon. Located three miles from I-475, the Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area has three public parks named Claystone, Sandy Beach and Arrowhead. Besides facilities for fishing, camping, boating and tennis, the parks have three white sand beaches for swimming or picnicking. Arrowhead Park includes mountain bike trails.

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Lake Tobesofkee Bass In May

There’s an old saying, usually attributed to Confucius, which goes something like, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” There’s an important life lesson in that simple statement, but sometimes it can be hard to walk the talk and put…

Tobesofkee’s Topwater Bass

May is a great time to be a bass fisherman. The topwater bite is great, and there is no more exciting way to catch bass than to watch fish explode on surface lures. While topwater is fun, you can catch bass just about any way you want to fish. If you want to get away…

Lake Tobesofkee’s Draw-Down Bass

There’s a largely overlooked 1,750-acre treasure in middle Georgia that few bass anglers take advantage of. At first glance, it’s not a particularly “sexy” fishery—you won’t find an abundance of river ledges, huge brushpiles or underwater rock piles. In fact, if you’re not a local, you’ll probably find yourself struggling to simply pronounce its name…

Lake Tobesofkee Great Summer Bass Fishing

Good things often come in small packages, and that is true of bass fishing in the Macon area. Even in the hot summer, Lake Tobesofkee provides excellent bass fishing. You have to avoid the pleasure boaters, like on all lakes, but the payoff on a trip here this month can be surprising. Tobesofkee is a…

Junior Bass State Championships From Tobesofkee

Severe weather forced anglers off Lake Tobesofkee on the scheduled tournament day of March 28, so the state’s best young tournament anglers returned the next day to vie for bragging rights and state-championship honors in the 2009 Georgia Bass Chapter Federation (GBCF) Youth Top-6 Tournament. Youth anglers were paired with GBCF members who provided boats…

Lake Tobesofkee Record Fish

Black Crappie2-lbs., 12-ozs.Jason Saylor03/04/95
Chain Pickerel2-lbs., 1-oz.Cindy Reeves01/10/04