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Lake Seed

Seed Lake is a small 240-acre mountain reservoir with 13 miles of shoreline located in Rabun County in the northeast corner of Georgia. It is the second lake in a series of six lakes on the Tallulah River. The series begins with Lake Burton as the northernmost lake, followed by lakes Seed, Rabun, Tallulah Falls, Tugalo and Yonah. These are Georgia Power Co. lakes, built to generate hydroelectric energy. Seed and these other northeast Georgia mountain lakes offers some fishing opportunities unique to Georgia, where anglers can catch trophy walleye and yellow perch along with traditional species such as bass, crappie and bream.

Lake Seed Resources

Northeast Georgia Mountain Lake Articles

New Lake Burton Trout Record Just A Bit Bittersweet

Tom Fox realized a decades-old dream when he broke the Lake Burton record for brown trout recently, but he says the prize was a little bittersweet. GON has confirmed Tom’s 12-lb., 4-oz. brown trout as the largest-ever recorded from Lake Burton. Mixed in with Tom’s joy was a little heartfelt sadness for a young kid.…

Lake Burton Bass Mapped For April

Lake Burton offers some great options for catching quality bass in April. Whether you like sight fishing in coves for largemouth on the bed, catching big spots bedding on rocky points or landing both species on those rocky points as they feed on herring and shad, Burton can be super in April. Lake Burton is…

Record Breaking Largemouth Caught At Lake Yonah

Sam Thomas, of Jefferson, recently caught a record-breaking largemouth from Lake Yonah that weighed 8-lbs., 2-ozs. On the morning of March 30, Sam was fishing a Peach State Jon Boat Anglers tournament on Lake Yonah. By daylight, he was in his boat at the top end of the lake, but the fishing was real slow. He waited…

Lake Burton Record Rainbow Trout Caught Trolling

Darryl Stephens was fishing at Lake Burton with his wife on July 12 when he reeled in a 5-lb., 8-oz. rainbow trout, which creates a first-place tie for biggest rainbow ever recorded from this north Georgia reservoir. The other record trout from Burton was caught on July 24, 2016. The husband-and-wife fishing duo got on…

Lake Yonah Largemouth Record

Trent Thomason, of Toccoa, has been going back to Lake Yonah for the past three years trying to catch the record largemouth for the lake. On June 23, he finally accomplished the feat when he landed a 6-lb., 11-oz. bass. Trent said he goes to Yonah every Father’s Day weekend with his dad to fish,…

Lake Seed Record Fish

Largemouth Bass14-lbs., 4-ozs.Johnny Appling03/13/09
Brown Trout
13-lbs., 8.32-ozs.Ricky Vickery06/05/05
Rainbow Trout6-lbs., 3-ozs.Larry Brooks08/28/05
Brook Trout3-lbs., 9-ozs.Charlton Trippe04/23/06
Shellcracker2-lbs., 14-ozs.Carol Farmer07/09/00
Yellow Perch2-lbs., 4-ozs.Cliff Saville03/04/13
Walleye9-lbs., 7-ozs.Larry Brewer12/15/06
Channel Catfish21-lbs.Ernest Cruine05/17/10
Chain Pickerel2-lbs., 12.64-ozs.Jack Becker11/24/20