Etowah River

The Etowah River is a 164-mile-long river that begins northwest of Dahlonega, Georgia.

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Record Set For Longnose Gar On Etowah River

Kyle Williams, of Adairsville, isn’t a huge fan of gar when he’s fishing the Etowah River, but he recently caught a longnose gar that made the record books. “They’re predators. They’ll run the fish we’re trying to catch out of a hole, and it takes a while for the fish to settle back down and…

Etowah River Largemouth Sets Benchmark

When a lake or river record sits open, which means no angler has certified a weight on a particular species for that body of water, often GON will accept a weight as a benchmark. A 7 1/2-lb. largemouth bass caught from the Etowah River fits that bill. Eric Black, of Cartersville, holds the Etowah River…

Etowah River Record Catfish

People often ask how lake and river records are kept and compiled, and the first answer is that we simply have to start somewhere. That’s the case for many of our newer river records, which are benchmarks of fish with certified weights that anglers can shoot for as the records become more robust and solid…

Etowah River Record Striper

A new record for Etowah River striped bass has been established. On July 18, 2015, Hunter Ramsey caught an Etowah striper that was certified at 32 1/2 pounds.  

Summertime Tailrace Stripers

It’s that time of year again; the middle of summer in Georgia. Temperatures are soaring, the humidity is stifling and it is often downright uncomfortable to be outside. For us anglers it can be even worse. The reservoirs are packed with fun seekers on watercraft of virtually every description, and it is often difficult to…

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