Banks Lake

Banks Lake is a 900-acre lake that is part of Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Lakeland. Largemouth bass is the most popular sport fish, and 10-pounders are occasionally caught. Other favorites are crappie, bream and catfish. There is no motor size limit on the lake, but careful navigation is advised due to many submerged stumps. Insect repellent is recommended.


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Banks Lake Gets Right For January Fishing

I have driven by this body of water numerous times and admired its unique beauty from Highway 122, but I was unprepared for the amazing view from the water. Banks Lake is a 4,049-acre National Wildlife Refuge in Lanier County outside of Lakeland, and it is loaded with fish and wildlife. The place is full…

New Benchmarks Set For GON Lake & River Records

As fishing season heats up, there’s been a flurry of interest from anglers looking to put their names on GON’s Georgia Lake and River Records list in the last week or so. As a result, GON recently initiated new benchmark systems so all anglers will know if they have a fish that can be considered…

Banks Lake Drawdown Bass

With early warm weather, you can bet that across the state some really big bass are spawning. Be it big largemouth on Seminole, feisty spotted bass on Lanier or any lake or pond in between, this is without a doubt the best time of year to land both numbers of fish and trophies. The only…

Banks Lake Drawdown Will Improve Fishing

Back in November, Banks Lake in Lakeland began a drawdown to rid the lake of aquatic vegetation that was on the verge of taking over the body of water. Over the last few months, the 900-acre swampy south Georgia lake has slowly dwindled down to a mere 300 acres of mostly shallow water.Susan Heisey, the…

Glow Bugs For Nighttime Bream

If you have never watched a bull bluegill hammer a bug on a moonlit night, don’t put it off any longer. September is the prime time to target these ferocious panfish, long after the late summer sun goes down. With that said, though, it’s also your last chance as October’s cooling temperatures tend to slow…

Banks Lake Record Fish

Flier4.32-ozs.Greg Waters04/25/20