Trout Fly Of The Month – April

Josh Barnett | April 1, 2006

Elk Hair Caddis, April Fly Of The Month

Elk Hair Caddis
Hook: Size 12-18
Thread: Brown
Hackle: Furnace cock Saddle Hackle
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
Body: Dark Hare’s Fur
Wing: Elk Hock Hair

“I love this time of year!  The caddis have already begun hatching and will continuously escalate the next several months.  Caddis can be fished in almost every stage; however, fishing the adult is my favorite.  Whether the fly is skittering across the surface or stuck in the surface film, trout just seem to love them!  Caddis are particulary interesting because of their egg-laying diversity.  Not only do they lay eggs on the surface– some also swim to the bottom to deposit their eggs. ” -JB

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