Flint River Record Shadow Bass

GON Staff | June 1, 2016

Kristen Brown caught a 10-oz. shadow bass on the Flint River on June 1, 2016, and in doing so Kristen established a new species that is now recognized for record status in Georgia.

Kristen, of Baconton, set a new state record for shadow bass, catching the 9 1/4-inch fish on the Flint River in Albany. Her fish is obviously also a river record for the Flint.

The DNR said it’s the first time shadow bass have been recognized for state record status.

Brown used a plastic worm to hook the fish on June 1.

“We are excited to add the shadow bass to the many species of fish that are eligible as state records in Georgia,” said John Biagi, chief of fisheries for the Wildlife Resources Division. ”This is our second state record of 2016, and I hope it encourages all new and experienced anglers to get outdoors and go fish Georgia.”

According to the DNR, despite the word “bass” in their name, shadow bass (Ambloplites ariommus) are actually members of the sunfish family. They have compressed bodies with oval profiles, dark mottling forming camouflagelike patterns, and sides marked with small dark spots that form horizontal lines. They appear similar to warmouth but have lines on the side and six anal spines rather than three. They are typically 5 to 12 inches in length and are found in the Coosa, Flint and lower Chattahoochee river basins.

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