Bass Angler Catches Record Warmouth On Savannah River

GON Staff | April 1, 2021

Any bass angler who has fished where there are good numbers of warmouth has probably had one of these small bream suck up a bass lure in its over-sized mouth. A bass fishing trip on the Savannah River produced that scenario for Baker Woodward, of Pooler, and it resulted in a new record fish.

On Wednesday, Mach 21, Baker was fishing for bass on the Savannah River near Rincon. He was casting a Zoom Speed Craw, a soft-plastic creature bait that’s fished like a Texas-rigged worm. His Speed Craw was in the watermelon-candy color. When Baker got that familiar tap-tap and set the hook, it wasn’t a river bass on the end of the line, it was a warmouth, and a good one!

Baker Woodward, of Pooler, with his Savannah River record warmouth. Baker caught the 1-lb. 4-oz. warmouth on March 21, 2021 while bass fishing with a Zoom Speed Craw creature bait.

Baker has a YouTube Channel featuring Savannah area fishing. He’s the head football coach at Savannah Christian, and his channel is called Coach Woodward. He posted a new video on his record Warmouth catch from the Savannah River.

When weighed on certified scales at Russo’s Seafood in Savannah the next day, the warmouth registered a certified weight of 1.27 pounds, which converts 1-lb., 4.32-ozs. DNR’s Chris Harper at the Richmond Hill Fish Hatchery verified the species of Baker’s fish as a warmouth. The warmouth is part of the sunfish family of fish. They are sometimes confused with green sunfish—or rock bass—which also have a big mouth for a bream. Warmouth are typically a dark, mottled brown color with a golden belly and reddish-brown streaks radiating from behind the eyes. Warmouth have three spines on its anal fin, while green sunfish have five to seven.

Baker’s warmouth replaces a benchmark record for the Savannah River established in 2016 when Richard S. Morris Jr. certified a fish that weighed 14 ounces.

The Georgia state record warmouth weighed 2 pounds even, and that record has stood since the fish was caught in a private pond in 1974. The world-record warmouth weighed 2-lbs., 7-ozs. and was caught in Holt, Florida in 1985.

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