Paradise PFA Fishing Reports – May 2006

GON Staff | April 28, 2006

Paradise PFA: Level: Most lakes have dropped six to 12 inches below full pool. Temp: 75 degrees. Clarity: Lightly stained. Visibility in Lake Patrick is 24 inches.

Bass: Fair. Bass in the 3-lb. range have been caught in Patrick and Horseshoe 3 using Texas-rigged plastic worms and spinnerbaits fishing just off the edge of the weed lines. Anglers have also started picking up a few bass on topwater lures in the early morning and late afternoon.

Catfish: Good. Lake Paradise has been the best. Try fishing around standing timber in six to eight feet of water on and around the boat ramp. Lakes Horseshoe 1 and 2 have also been good for catfish. Most are being caught in the evening using mullet gut or liver.

Crappie: Slow. The best bet is in lakes Patrick and Paradise trolling in six to eight feet of water using 1/32- to 1/16-oz. blue/white, red/white, and solid-white jigs.

Bream: Good. Bluegill are on the beds, with most being caught along grass edges, around floating docks, and in shallow cover on crickets, worms, and popping bugs. Anglers have reported catching good numbers of hand-sized bream in the coves and around shoreline cover in Lake Patrick. Redear are biting red wigglers and pond worms suspended just off the bottom. Look for light sandy areas, which may indicate good spots for bedding bream. A pair of good polarized sunglasses is essential to help see the beds, and sometimes surface movement can help pinpoint an otherwise undiscovered hotspot.

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