PFA Fishing Reports – March 2007

GON Staff | February 27, 2007

Evans County PFA: Level: Down 3 feet and will remain low through March. Temp.: 50-54 degrees. Clarity: 22 inches.

Bass: It was a slow February. With some major cold fronts, the bass bite has been very slow. Bass fishing should only improve during March as the larger fish move shallow to prepare to spawn.

Crappie: Good. Anglers in Bidd Sands Lake are trolling very slowly with minnows and fishing around structure in five to six feet of water. Some of the crappie they are catching are in the 2-lb. range. Look for these fish over shallow structure in early March. Also, Lake Longleaf will also produce some nice stringers of crappie.

Bream: Good. Anglers fishing mid-morning to mid-afternoon have been catching a good number of coppernose bluegill and shellcrackers. Most anglers are catching their fish in four to six feet using pinks and crickets. The shellcracker bite should be excellent during late March, and the bluegill are almost always biting good.

Hugh Gillis PFA: Level: Full pool. Temp.: 50-52 degrees. Clarity: 55 inches.

Bass: Good numbers of bass have been caught on both plastics and crankbaits. Most fish are under the 14-inch legal limit, but enough legal fish and a few trophy fish are being caught to keep things interesting. Bass fishing should improve as the larger fish move shallow to prepare to spawn.

Bream: Good numbers of quality bluegill and a few really good shellcrackers have been caught using worms fished on the ledges and other structure. As the water temps warm up in March and these fish move closer to the edges to feed and seek out spawning areas, the bream fishing should be excellent with just about any kind of bait. The angler that takes the time to locate a spawning school of shellcrackers might have an opportunity to harvest a limit of 1-lb. plus fish.

Crappie: There were good numbers of small crappie caught during the winter months with some harvestable-sized fish mixed in. As the temps go many of these fish will move to the edges to spawn and will be available to both boat and bank anglers using minnows or jigs.

Catfish: A few catfish have been caught by anglers seeking bream. There are good numbers of fish smaller than 1-lb. available, but there are enough 8- to 10-pounders around that any angler should be prepared to have his line stretched by one of the hard-fighting brutes.

Marben Farm PFA: Level: Most ponds are full following recent rains. Bennett Lake is still about one foot low, but the boat ramp is useable again. Clarity: Some of the smaller ponds are slightly stained, but most ponds have visibility of 30 inches or more. Temp: 52 degrees.

Bass: Plastic worms fished along creek channels and drop-offs continue to produce a few fish. The quality is good with most being in the 2- to 4-lb. range. With warmer temperatures, fish the flats with jerkbaits and slow-rolled spinnerbaits.

Paradise PFA: Levels: Most lakes are slightly below full pool. Temp: 55–57 degrees. Clarity: Lightly stained.

Special Note: Lake Paradise has been drawn down to approximately eight acres. Plans are to allow fishing through May 1. The lake will be drained, then it will remain closed until stocked fish reach harvestable size. DNR personnel are relocating quality fish to other PFA lakes.

Bass: Fair. Bass are taking junebug, red, black, and pumpkinseed-colored plastic worms in lakes Patrick and Bobben. Some bass have been spotted moving up into the shallows. Also, red and green lizards are doing well. Expect bass to be bedding very soon.

Catfish: Fair. Catfish one to two pounds are being caught in lakes Tacklebuster, Horseshoe Two, and Horseshoe Five. Fish deep holes with mullet gut or liver. Some large 6- to 10-lb. channels are still being caught in Lake Paradise. Larger catfish have been taken from the pier and along the dam on Lake Patrick.

Crappie: Slow. Crappie are in three to four feet of water and biting Beetle Spins and 1/32- to 1/16-oz. jigs. Horseshoe Three, Lake Patrick, and Horseshoe Five are best for crappie, producing some catches of 1- to 1 1/2-lb. fish.

Bream: Fair. Bream fishing has been fair with most fish caught using red wigglers and pond worms. Bluegill have been biting in Lake Tacklebuster from the points and along the dam, but still somewhat slow. Nice redear have been caught from the bank and pier on Lake Patrick. Fish to the left and right of the boat ramp. This is a popular spot for bedding redear from now through June. Fishing will improve as water temperatures reach the mid 60s.

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