PFA Fishing Reports – June 2006

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Evans County PFA:

Level: Full pool. Temp: 80-85 degrees.  Clarity: 30 inches.

Bass: Good. Several bass in the 5- to 10-lb. range were caught throughout May. Anglers using crankbaits, flukes, and live shiners fishing in six to eight feet of water are most successful, and this pattern should continue into June. Smaller bass have been running schools of young gizzard shad near the shoreline.

Bream: Good. Anglers are consistently catching limits of nice 1/2-lb. and better bream. Try fishing crickets and worms near the fish feeders or lily pads in four to five feet of water.

Catfish: Excellent. Catfish action has historically been good throughout June and fishing pinks or livers in Lake Longleaf has been especially good since mid-May.

Other: A Kid’s Fishing Event (KFE) will be held on Lake Longleaf on June 3. After the KFE event, the lake will be open to the general public offering and excellent opportunity to catch a limit of 1-lb. channel catfish.

Crappie: Poor. No fish reported.


Marben PFA:

Level: Most ponds are full. Temp: 77 to 80 degrees. Clarity: Most ponds have a fertilizer bloom developing with visibility 1 1/2 to two feet.

Bass: Early morning and late evening have been the best times to fish since the weather has warmed up, and this trend will continue through the remainder of the summer. Pumpkin seed and watermelon plastic worms fished adjacent to drop-offs and channels have produced several bass in the 8- to 10-lb. range. Bennett Lake continues to produce the largest bass, although Fox Lake is also a good bet.

Crappie: Crappie fishing has slowed down as the water has warmed up. Some continue to be caught around the fish attractor in Margery Lake.

Bream: Bluegill and shellcracker have been biting well in all the lakes. Most are caught on the bottom with red wigglers or wax worms, although anglers with fly tackle have been catching a few adjacent to floating vegetation. Fox Lake continues to produce many of the larger bream that are caught on the PFA.

Otter Pond should re-open some time during the month of June. Anglers should watch the listing of open/closed ponds at each of the information kiosks.

Paradise PFA:

Level: Most lakes are six to 12 inches below full pool. Temp: 78 degrees. Clarity: Lakes are lightly stained; 24-inch visibility on Lake Patrick.

Bass: Fair. Bass are hitting buzzbaits and topwater lures in the early morning. Concentrate on shallows and along weedlines. Primrose mats have begun growing out from the shoreline and are providing excellent cover for smaller bream and other forage. Bass have been schooling along these weedlines, feeding on the baitfish. Bass are also taking 7 1/2-inch Tequila shad-colored plastic worms in Patrick and Russell. Fish heavy cover and open pockets behind islands on Lake Patrick.

Catfish: Fair. Lakes Paradise, Horseshoe 1, and Beaver have been the best. Most anglers are using liver and mullet gut. Some have also had good luck fishing with the big catalpa worms. Check the Catalpa trees along the entrance road, which have recently had a few worms showing up. Take only what you plan to use and leave some for others.

Bream: Good. Red wigglers and crickets are the most common baits, but when available, catalpa worms have really worked well. Good bank access to bream beds can be found on most lakes at Paradise Public Fishing Area. Lake Bobben and Lake Patrick have been giving up some hand-sized bluegill. Anglers have reported a few larger 1/2- to 3/4-lb. redear caught in 50-acre Lake Paradise.

Other: The Tifton Kiwanis Kids Fishing Event will be held on June 10 starting at 7:30 a.m. Contact the Paradise PFA office at (229) 533-4792 for more information.

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