Marben PFA Fishing Report – July 2007

GON Staff | July 13, 2007

Marben Farm PFA: Level: Most of the ponds are several inches low from lack of rain. Temp: 78–80 degrees. Clarity: 16 to 24 inches, depending on algae blooms from fertilization.

Bass: Most bass are coming from deeper water with plastic worms. Early in the day and late in the evening, bass will move into shallower water, and some are being taken with topwater lures. Spinnerbaits have been effective in Bennett and Fox lakes, with several bass in the 6- to 8-lb. range being caught.

Crappie: Very few crappie are being caught at this time.

Bream: Crickets and waxworms fished on the bottom continue to produce well, particularly in the smaller ponds. Fox Lake has produced some nice catches of bluegill and shellcracker.

Other: Some bullheads, or speckled cats, are being caught in Fox and Margery lakes, usually in the late afternoon by anglers fishing with worms or chicken livers on the bottom.

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