Marben PFA Fishing Report – January 2006

GON Staff | January 1, 2006

Marben Farms PFA: Level: All ponds are full. Clarity: Clear, visibility in all of the ponds is more 36 inches. Temp: 52 degrees.

Bass: A few bass are still being taken in deeper water, mostly with plastic worms. Also try deep-running crankbaits fished near structure along the submerged creek channels.

Crappie: Crappie fishing is picking up. Chartreuse, yellow and white jigs fished six- to eight-feet deep have been producing some average catches. Anglers trolling across submerged creek channels in Margery and Bennett lakes have had some nice catches of crappie, with a few in the 1-lb. range.

Other: A few yellow perch are caught from time to time in Bennett Lake by crappie anglers using small jigs fished near the bottom. Shepherd Lake was recently stocked with 5,000 channel catfish approximately eight inches in length to supplement the existing population. While too small for most anglers now, these fish should grow enough by the end of next summer to provide an additional angling opportunity in this lake.

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