Lake Tobesofkee Fishing Report – November 2008

GON Staff | October 28, 2008

Tobesofkee: Level: Full pool. Temp: 64-66 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Special Notice:
Tobesofkee will be drawn down 6 feet this winter so repairs can be made to docks and seawalls. The drawdown begins Dec. 5, and lasts until Jan. 31.

Bass: Good, according to Clayton Batts. “The water temp is dropping, and the fish are starting to bite. The best bait for producing big fish is a jig,” Clayton said. “Most people don’t know it, but Tobesofkee is one of the best lakes to throw a jig in the winter. Throw a Spro Finesse jig or a Picasso football jig in black-and-blue with a green-pumpkin Big Bite Baits trailer around any rock banks, brush or docks in 3 to 5 feet of water. A Carolina-rigged Big Bite Baits 6-inch finesse worm in green pumpkin, or red bug if the lake is stained, will also work on main-lake humps and points at the mouths of coves where brush piles or rocks are present. Also, try a Stanford Lures Razor Shad or Spro Aruku Shad Jr. crankbait in the middle of the pockets where there is a ditch present that leads from the main lake back into the pocket. The bass will stack up in these ditches and ambush bait as it comes by. If there is no bait in the pocket, there will be no bass. Start at the backs of these ditches and work forward to find out what depth they’re at. These fish are in these pockets and ditches for one reason, and that is to feed up for the winter. When you find one, make multiple casts. If a cold front rolls in and the bite gets really tough, throw a Big Bite Baits 1/8-oz. shaky head teamed up with a 4-inch Biobait Finesse worm in green pumpkin on the bridges and around docks.”

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