Lake Tobesofkee Fishing Report May 2012

GON Staff | April 26, 2012

Tobesofkee: Level: Full pool. Temp: Low 70s. Clarity: Slight stain.

Good. Clayton Batts reports, “The bass spawn is over, and the bass are beginning to feed up for the summer. First thing in the morning, look for the shad to be spawning around main-lake grass and rip-rap. The best baits for the shad spawn at Tobesofkee is a white buzzbait, Pop-R, Stanford Lures Razor Shad in citrus or a Spro Little John in nasty shad. This is a very early bite and generally only lasts about a hour. The fish that were busting on the shad will generally stay around those areas after the sun comes up. The key to getting bit in these same areas is to really slow down. Fish a Big Bite Baits finesse worm around docks and any other cover that is close to where you saw the shad. The other pattern that is working right now is catching fish that are guarding fry. You will need to cover a lot of water with reaction baits, such as a white War Eagle spinnerbait or a Spro Bronzeye Frog to get a reaction strike from these fish.”

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