Lake Tobesofkee Fishing Report – June 2008

GON Staff | May 27, 2008

Tobesofkee: Level: Full pool. Warning: Be careful of floating debris due to the recent tornadoes. Temp: 75-77 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain.

Bass: Good, with bass moving out to their summertime patterns. “Look for fish in brushpiles on points and on humps,” said Clayton Batts. “These fish can be caught on a Carolina-rigged 6-inch Big Bite Baits Biobait finesse worm in green pumpkin or red bug. They can also be caught on a Stanford Lures Cedar Shad.” Not all of the bass will move offshore, Clayton said. “There are also some fish being caught under and around the many docks that line Tobesofkee’s shoreline. The best docks have been the deeper docks where the channel sweeps in next to the bank, or a dock that has a brushpile around it makes it even better. These fish can be caught on a Big Bite 1/16-oz. Fintwist jig head paired with 4-inch finesse worm. Topwater has been very good late in the evening and early in the mourning around rip-rap and the deeper grassbeds. Most of these fish are being caught on a bone-colored Pop-R, with the bigger fish falling to black buzzbaits,” Clayton said.

Linesides: Good. “The hybrids and stripers are starting to school on humps,” Clayton said. “When they are up on top, you can catch them on any topwater you want to throw,” he said, but recommended a chrome Spook or bone-colored Pop-R. “When these fish are not up, they are sitting on the side of the hump and can be caught on deep-diving crankbaits like a DD22 or a No. 7 Fat Free Shad in any shad pattern or citrus shad.”

Crappie: “There are still fish being caught on the Lower Thomaston Road bridge late in the afternoon and early in the morning,” Clayton said. He recommends live minnows next to the pilings. “There are also some fish being caught out of some of the deeper brushpiles using white/green/white Hal-Flys and tractor green Triple Tail grubs,” he said.

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